Prayers and Intentions for 2017: an art tutorial



Whether you are one to participate in this New Year tradition or not, you have to see the value in at least thinking about it. If you were to make a resolution, what would it be?

Lose weight

Pray more

Keep the house cleaner

Spend more time with family

Build a business

Actually read your bible

The possibilities are endless. They are as varied as our imaginations, and worthy goals to be sure. But how often do we stick to the plan beyond the first month? I often wonder, if we had a daily reminder, would we stay on track longer? Maybe even complete the time period that experts say is required to make something a habit?

There are many ways to remind yourself of things you would like to do: Calendars, daily alarms, joining an accountability program. And these are all great ways to approach the problem of staying on task.  I particularly like the accountability idea, but more from the aspect of daily project ideas sent to my inbox. Being a creative soul, this works particularly well for me. I hope it does for you too, cuz I am going to give you a month of daily short tutorials, each week focusing on a different project to get your year moving in the right direction.

The first week we will be creating an Intention Flag. It is a particularly beautiful way to put a name to that idea, that feeling, that thing that you want to do most this year. And hopefully, by hanging this somewhere that you are likely to see it every day, you will be reminded of your intention to accomplish that goal. This can also be approached from a prayerful aspect in that you can write your prayer intention for you, your family, a friend… anything that requires your thoughts and prayers on a daily basis, or your focus to become reality.

Every day this week we will create a new layer on the flag using mixed media techniques. Each tutorial will focus on a different aspect of building the flag and is meant to be completed in one sitting.

Here is a list of the supplies that I will be using in the tutorials this week, but by all means, use what you already have in your creative toolbox. These are your intentions and should be expressed with things that mean something to you.

  1. 3×5 canvas sheet (mine is cut down from a 9×12 piece from a pad by artist loft)
  2. White gesso
  3. Assorted craft paints or heavy body paint
  4. Sari ribbon
  5. Fabric scraps
  6. Buttons
  7. Old book paper\
  8. Muslin scrap
  9. Jump rings, metal intention tags
  10. Sewing machine and thread
  11. Embroidery floss
  12. Eyelets and eyelet setter
  13. Micron .08 pen in black

Check out this short tutorial. I’m just getting used to the video making process, so forgive the weirdness!

Here is the line-up of tutorials for this week:

Tuesday, January 2 (today!) – creating your background

Wednesday, January 3 – Adding another Layer: paper

Thursday, January 4 – The Fabric Connection

Friday, January 5 – Buttons, Metal, and other Ephemera

Saturday, – Writing your Intention


January Inspiration at a glance:

Monday January 9th: Taking your War Room on the Road

Monday January 16th: 3R’s Art Journal: Making your own journals on the cheap

Monday January 23rd: Make Your Mark. Find Your Creative Voice

Monday January 30th: A Plan for Daily Practice


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See you soon!  lisa

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