Finishing your flag: embellishments and beyond


I’m terribly sorry about yesterday’s video not being available. Sometimes LIFE happens, you know what I mean?

We are on the final day of creating our prayer/intention flags. Up to now we have painted, papered, sewn and pondered intentions. Today we will add the finishing touches. You know, those pieces that just make it stand out. For my final embellishments, I chose a few glass beads, and some random pieces of metal to create the perfect ending to my piece of art.

The close up on this particular video was not working all that well, so below I have included a few close up of the embellishments that I used.  I hope that you are enjoying the process of creating your flags. These would make great gifts for a sick friend as they could include a prayer for healing, or even an affirmation for the future. Have fun with it. Combine textures and colors that you wouldn’t otherwise have thought to blend. This project is very forgiving in that anything you add to it will just enhance the feeling behind the creation.


Thinking creatively as we consider others, can be a blessing for them and an encouragement. Often people have trouble seeing their way out of their own troubles and trials.

Showing them that you can envision their situation in a brighter light can offer them hope that they might not otherwise have.

Spend some time really considering how you would like to petition God to intervene on their behalf…or on your own.

Choose words that have some meaning, that focus on what you would like to see accomplished. Then set them somewhere visible to remind you or the recipient of the progress to come.

Here are a few flags that I have created that are still waiting for the prayer or intention:


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