Monday Blues? Let’s get Creative!

Got the Monday blues?

Try starting your day with something creative! 

Nothing dispels the blues like color. Create a background in your journal that you can write upon. Make it colorful, and yes, you can still use blue!

Psychologists have studied the use of color and art in therapy and have discovered that it can improve a mood, heal a heart and even change the direction of your thinking. Creating is something that we were born to desire. Whether your creativity looks like colorful food, or colorful pages in a book or on a canvas, fulfilling that creative desire will start your day (or week as the case may be) right!

Would you like to have some help getting started? Sign up for creative prompts right to your inbox. To get you started, here is today’s prompt and what I did with it:

Bloom Free 

-You can interpret this any way you like. Use any medium you have at your disposal. I just love the way that watercolors will run free when they touch another wet area on the page, creating new colors that you just didn’t expect.  Flowers being my topic of choice these days, of course they have to make an appearance in my project.  Maybe your’s will include wings, or something else that expresses “free” in your mind.

  • Use something out of the ordinary to create your project
  • Choose mediums you don’t often use.

Inline image

These washy flowers will be the jumping off point for more layers this week as I begin each morning with the peaceful practice of art. Won’t you join me? Sign up for daily prompts here.  We will begin each week with a background, something easy to dispel those Monday blues, and then move on to other layers throughout the week using the prompts that are emailed to you each morning. By Friday you will have a finished page to add to your journal stash, create a card from, or frame and hang as a reminder to be peaceful. Sign up today and begin the artful healing!

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