When opposition is used to great effect

Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 3: OPPOSITE


I cannot lie….

Today’s prompt kinda threw me for a loop.  I had this picture of a beautiful peacock plume in my head after yesterday’s fluid experience.  I planned and schemed how I would make that beautifully moving color into a majestic bird using various mixed media techniques.

But NO!!

I simply sat with my mouth hanging slightly open, plans thwarted. It took me a minute or two to figure out how to incorporate something OPPOSITE into this piece.

Opposite can mean many things.

  • It could be using a completely different material than you did yesterday. For instance markers instead of paint, or fabric in place of paper.
  • It could mean working in the spaces that were not covered up through yesterday’s process.
  • Or it could even mean working in the same mediums, but in a completely different color group.

…and that is exactly what I did.

I gathered some colors that weren’t anything like what I used yesterday. Some reds and yellows, purple, light blue, and I even took out white and black cuz you never know 😉

I chose to do some mark making (dots of various sizes) on the page in various areas using a color that was opposite of what I was working on. For instance, in the darker blue areas I used white or yellow to make my marks. And in the azo gold – a cool blue. The white space surrounding the fluid wanderings I dotted in a variety of colors since everything is the opposite of white to me.

…and this is the result

I have to say, it no longer looks like a peacock plume to me….more like a sea of stars. A boiling fluid galaxy, shifting and changing as I make my way through it.  Hmmmm, it does have possibility.

But – who knows what tomorrow will bring….

Till tomorrow!

Happy Creating!


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