Creativity Is Messy

Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 5: MESSY

Messy, hmmmm

Isn’t it already a big hot mess? 

There are several ways that I could have approached this prompt. I could have…

  1. …written all over the black areas of the picture in a white signo gel pen…that would have made it messy-er.
  2. …cut it all up into random sized squares or rectangles and glued them to another sheet
  3. …fallen back into old habits and chosen an inspirational quote.

In the end, I opted for #3. I’m not sure how inspirational this is, especially if you are a neat freak, but this is what spoke to me :))

“Creativity is Messy & I am very Creative”

Ha!  That pretty much says it all as far as I go. Pulling out some black cardstock, I cut a piece that would hold my quote sufficiently, but not cover up too much of the picture. My signo uni-ball white gel pen, and also a white gellyroll made an appearance as well as a nylon bone folder.



I drew out my quote (twice, cuz par for the course I ran out of room the first time;) with flourishes and various fonts to give it variety, then trimmed to size for the project.


I moved it around the page settling for a slightly off center placement (this also speaks to who I am – those of you who know me know EXACTLY what I am talking about!) I glued it down with a permanent glue stick, then pressed it out with a bone folder. Make sure that you place a scrap piece of paper over it before you burnish so that it does not get shiny in the pressing.

Well, I think this piece is coming along nicely!  Tomorrow is the final prompt for this week….I hope it is a good one!!

Till tomorrow~ Happy Creating! ~lisa

Are you creating with these prompts?  I would love to see them! Post them on Instagram with the tag #CP4aCL

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