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Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 6: SCRIBBLE

Here we are on the last day of our mixed media prompts…for this project anyway 😉

Scribble is right up there with messy for me.  I tend to think that it belongs on the first day of the project. But maybe the unexpected is just what we need to take us to a new level of creativity.  Today was actually quite simple for me. I’m sure there are other ways to define scribbling in terms of art and creation, but for me it speaks to my journaling heart.

I love to scribble down thoughts and feelings, plans and failures. It is a way for me to release those things and move on, whether that means with a new project, or a journey in my life.

The materials I chose are pretty much the same as yesterdays.  A gellyroll pen in white, and a piece of black carde stock to cover up the quote from yesterday’s prompt.

I like to write with abandon. Covering up the quote allows me to write continuously and not break my string of thoughts in order to avoid that area. As far as what you write?  It is totally up to you.  It could be a prayer, how you felt about this project, thoughts on creating art in general, or heck, it could even be your grocery list!

The point is to scribble your heart, and being able to read it is not necessary, maybe even preferable. Just getting your thoughts out is the important part.  It can be very healing to let some of that stuff go that you have bottled up inside. I mean really, creamer and laundry detergent can really put a crimp in your creative process –

Release it!

After you have filled the page with your random thoughts and concerns, remove the piece of cardstock and you are done!

Mixed media project #6 – Only 46 more to go for a whole year of Mixed Media! 

Would you like to join in?  We would love to have you join this creative initiative. Sign up on the follow tab and start creating!

Have questions?  You can email me at

Have a fantastically creative weekend! See you Monday for a new week and a new project!


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