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Daily Creative Prompt ~ October: TRIANGLE

Have you ever just sat and looked at the world around you?

Everything you see can be simplified into basic shapes. Circle, square, oval, triangle, rectangle…they all make an appearance in the order of life.

Many of the figure drawing books that are out there use these basic shapes to break down an otherwise difficult subject. Simplifying can make things doable that you might not otherwise want to try.

Today’s prompt, TRIANGLE, can be found in many a natural story. Leaves can be triangular, and even some cars. I have a garden sculpture that has an overall triangular shape. And when I look at multitudes of people walking around the streets, I see varied triangles all over that cityscape.

Since we are working on a story that means something to us this week, I chose to use TRIANGLES in my project to represent people in a story that is near and dear to my heart.

Here is how I approached this prompt:

I chose to vary the medium today by pulling out some scrapbook paper that I like. When I saw the piece filled with the faces of playing cards, I knew that it would be a perfect representation of the people I wanted to create from triangles. In this particular story there are three. Two of whom are very close and stand with authority, and one which is important, yet distant.


In order to portray this, I cut triangles from the queen of diamonds and the king of clubs, and then the much smaller ace which is important to the story but not yet a part of it.



Using mat medium, I glued them to the canvas. The king stands to the left and the ace all the way to the right, the queen stands between them, linked to the king, yet not quite touching the ace. The distance between them is palatable, but closing the gap attainable.

That’s it for today.  Simple.

Art does not have to take a lot of time, or a plethora of supplies. It can be as easy as cutting something from a magazine, newspaper, book or scrapbook paper.  Enjoy your creative spirit today. Make something meaningful and personal.

See you tomorrow…happy creating!



  1. Janis Cox says:

    Just LOVE this. Those people from the cards. So wonderful J



  2. lisa evola says:

    So many ways to be creative with paper and such! Telling your story can incorporate all sorts of things that have meaning to you. Exploring those mediums is a fantastic part of This journey we call the creative life “:)


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