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Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 11: VINTAGE

I’ve been looking through old photographs lately.  They are of my parents from before I was born. Like OLD! I just love the patina they have gotten from years in books and boxes. The yellowing is particularly my favorite. It a story of age and history that the photograph itself could never tell.

Today’s prompt gave me a lot of ideas on how to take my original colorful painting and alter & change it to tell a story all its own.

I pulled out some books and magazines (can’t bring myself to cut up my family photos!) a glue stick and my canvas from yesterday.





I found 3 pictures to represent the characters in my story and cut out the faces.  I particularly like the Botticelli chic with only half a face.  She is the queen in this story.  I imagine that her singular eye is watching over the situation while the rest of her is busy being who she is.

Mati Hari over on the right is the antagonist in this tale…going about her business of wreaking havoc on those around her (do you know the tale of Mati Hari?  Interesting…and appropriate!)

Then there is the General. He is in charge, or so he thinks.  He imagines that everything is under control and leads those in his life with an iron fist. Yet the one with the real power is the Queen. She is calm, contemplative, prayerful and kind.  Her rule is realized in another dimension, one of real power…the spiritual realm.


I glued them to the canvas with a permanent glue stick

I also used a black stabilo pencil to draw an edge around each of the figures. They needed something to ground them to the page. then using a watercolor brush, I blended the line into the background, making it a part of it.

calling it done…for today anyway.

till tomorrow…happy creating!


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  1. Janis Cox says:

    Love that story. God in our midst. Between chaos, power, money and control – He is still Ruler of All Creation.

    love Jan


    Liked by 1 person

  2. lisa evola says:

    Yes! Everything has a lesson and a story. He teaches us through the most amazing things.


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