thinking INSIDE the box

Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 12: BOX

Great things often come in boxes.

We receive gifts in them, pack up memories and sometimes use them to elevate something.  More often than not, we like what the boxes contain, and this is no exception.

Creating a box around the outside of a picture or painting, helps to give it definition and boundaries. 

Often, as is the case here, the bottom of the picture feels heavier because of the vintage photos and black marks. The light colors of the top made the picture look off balance. So when I saw today’s prompt, I knew that it would become the very thing I needed to bring it all together.

I chose some paper that was on the darker side, but not black. That would create harshness which would be a bigger problem with all of the vintage-ness going on.



I tore the paper into strips instead of cutting them so that there would be some random edges, then modpodged them to the edge leaving extra hanging off so that I could wrap it around the back.



After I finished gluing everything in place, I decided that the brown paper wasn’t quite dark enough. So pulling out a black Stazon ink pad, I rubbed the edges and corners down to make it a little darker, and a bit more antiqued.




I’m pretty happy with how this piece is coming along … can’t wait to finish it up tomorrow!

See you here tomorrow for the final instalment of this week’s mixed media project…happy creating!


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