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Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 13: SHINE


Even those with the gift of encouragement occasionally need to receive it.

Giving of words, time, and self can be a huge drain and if we don’t fill up every now and then, there won’t be anything left to give. It’s great if that encouragement comes from someone else, but when you are in need and no one else is around, giving yourself a lift can work just as well.

This week’s final prompt is a perfect opportunity for me to remind myself of something important: to shine

Pulling out my letter stamps and black fluid acrylics I set to work finding an appropriate quote. Google don’t fail me now!



Turns out there are lots of quotes about shining. There are some great ones about stars shining brighter in the darkness, but when I saw this one, I knew my search was over:


“dear Self, Today you will shine”

Stamping with fluid acrylics can be tricky.  I typically like to spread some paint out thinly on a non-stick surface, then stamp into the paint and then off to the side.  Doing this before stamping on the canvas will help to ensure that you don’t end up with excess blurbs of paint.  If by some chance the letter doesn’t turn out quite as clear as you like, you can quickly wipe it away with a babywipe (if you are stamping on canvas – paper won’t work)

Don’t forget to wipe the stamp off when you complete the letter.  Letting the acrylic dry on the stamp will ruin it.

And the final project for week #7!

Remember that you can interpret these prompts anyway you like.  Tell a story, spin a tale, create something unique and use things you wouldn’t normally use.

Have a creative weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!


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