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Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 16: BRUSH

Happy Monday Creatives!

Monday’s are always my favorite art days.  Heading into a new week, the days feel so full of possibility, and today is no exception.

There are many directions I could have gone with today’s prompt. A beeswax collage had occurred to me as you would use a brush to apply the wax. But as I was pulling out brushes to use with the wax, I found one in which the bristles had fused solid. (…probably from glue or mod podge) Tossing it into the trash can under my table, visions of painty brushes swirled through my mind, and I quickly rescued it from its dire situation and dropped it back down onto my table.

The brush had a wooden handle and was a natural off-white, as were the bristles, allowing me to choose whatever color palette I like.


After rubbing in some blues with my fingers, I dripped some runny color splashes around, giving it the well-used and completely loved look.



The colors made me so happy that I decided to choose 4 more colors and begin again swiping and dripping. This was by far the most fun project start  so far.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

You could certainly use this prompt in these other creative ways:

  • BRUSH a thin layer of two different colors on your substrate, creating an ombray effect

  • Make some unusual marks with different sized BRUSHes and fill the page with them

  • Cut the bristles from an old ruined BRUSH, then glue them to a board for some serious texture. Cover with gesso

  • Draw a picture of your favorite paintbrush with a graphite pencil. …and don’t forget to put in all of the wonderful painty marks from all it’s years of amazing service

but above all…

Don’t forget to enjoy the process

 think outside the box

 and use what you have at hand

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

till tomorrow…


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