Juices for Creative Cooking  

Different perspectives are important in cultivating a well rounded creative experience and beautifully colorful life.

At least once a month I would love for you to see how others are using their creative gifts.  Today is one of those days!  I am so pleased to introduce you to a woman who’s friendship has meant the world to me.  She is kind, understanding and a fantastic listener.  Her perspectives help to keep me grounded when I have trouble seeing past the difficult days.  She is a godly woman and uses the creative gifts that God has given her to bless her family and others.

Please help me in welcoming Barbara Koob.

Blogger, author, and globetrotting, God loving creative soul!

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Juices for Creative Cooking  

By Barbara Koob

My husband often asks me, “Did you follow the recipe?”

“Of course not” is my answer for I know myself too well. That would be so boring. Do you love to get crazy in the kitchen like me? I have so much fun experimenting until I get a recipe just the way I like it; however, I must admit… things don’t always turn out the first time.

When Lisa first asked me to write and share my cooking handiworks on Creative Faith, I thought I can’t. After all, I am not an artist, nor do I consider myself creative. Interestingly, as I gave more thought to this idea, I discovered I am more creative than I realized, and cooking is just one of my innovative outlets.

Do you know what your outlet for creating inspiration is? It could be music, gardening, home decorating, various hobbies or even building projects. The list could be as varied as the personality types out there. Truly, God created every single one of us with creative gifts and talents. We should always welcome those imaginative ideas to make something new when they come.

God, our creator, loves it when we create. It can even be therapeutic when we share our gifts with others, and them with us. However, we have to be willing to get out of our comfort zone and take chances.

Do you love to take risks in the kitchen? I do and always remind myself that the worst that can happen is that no one likes to eat what I made. Of course, they don’t have to let it touch their lips. My mom always said that if you don’t like dinner, you can always have peanut butter and jelly. (Haha!) But seriously, if that does occur, I simply go back into my ingenious cupboard and frig, and start again fresh.

Thank God that He is always making things new, and I believe this includes me and my crazy cooking creations. (Hope that makes you smile.)  2 Corinthians. 5:17 tells us that old things have passed away; behold all things have become new. Our Heavenly Father, our brilliant Creator delights when we design, craft, fashion, invent, build, and produce.

I believe our beautiful creations give Him glory for we using the talents He has placed in us to display His splendor. They can also be used for good works that He has already prepared for us to do as described in Ephesians 2:10. It is actually healing too, both for us and for others when we share what we make.   

Recently, I had the tastiest treat while traveling to Germany with my husband. Can you guess what this is? It’s not a pizza, but uses a very thin cracker-like pizza crust. Since I couldn’t buy it here in the US, I knew I must learn to make it and share it.  So are you open to trying something new in your kitchen?
I tried various versions of this recipe, tested it with my family, and modified it to my personal taste and budget. Then, I invited all my friends to sample this tasty treat at a small get together at my house. I also asked them to assist me in crafting this creation, if they felt led.     

We had such a great time.
This is what creative faith is all about – sharing your gifts and the fun!


Would you like to know what I created and served? It’s a scrumptious snack that I encountered during my visit to Cologne.  It can be used as a light lunch or dinner, and it originated from the Alsatian region of France. Click HERE to find out more and to get the recipe.

Happy Creating in the kitchen my friends!


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