I am…. on finding yourself

So, I find myself apologizing a lot lately.  When did life get so busy?

But know, my friends, that I have not forgotten you. You have been on my mind and my heart as I pondered what this week’s prompts would look like. Being a year of discovery for me…discovering wonder… I’d like to encourage you too in discovering something about yourself this week. Maybe it is something that you’ve always known about you, but have not walked in that reality.  Maybe it is something new that the process of creating is making you realize just now.

…or just maybe you are exactly who you have always wanted to be and you wouldn’t change a thing.

If that is you I say – Kudos on your self-actualization!

For the majority of us, that sadly is not the case, but we’d all like to be there, yes?

So do a bit of soul searching.

*Pick a trait that you like about you….then find a new way to say it.

For instance, today I am feeling spirited and cheerful.  There is a Scottish word that describes this feeling (it actually came to my inbox this morning via dictionary.com word of the day J) it is:


What a lovely way to describe that feeling, that cheerful spirit that I would love to maintain throughout all of my days!

Once you have found your word, I want you to build this week’s page around it. (Are you still working small?  Maybe in that really cute playing card journal we created for 2018?) Instead of giving you a new thing to do to your journal page each day – hey, it’s already Wednesday Yo – Do this:

  1. Find a symbol that correlates with the trait you’ve chosen and make that symbol the focus of your project.

Mine will be a heart. Maybe you are feeling introspective- to me that is looking in, finding the center or the spirit within. In that case, you symbol may be a dove for spirit, or a circle in the center with everything else radiating out from that. Whatever you choose as your symbol isn’t as important as the meaning behind it. It should describe how you feel about you. Whether someone else understands it is neither here nor there.

  1. Choose colors that accentuate the mood of your piece (and don’t forget to include some contrast)

I’m going to use pinks and purples and lean into some of the warmer blues. Then as a contrast I think a bit of yellow or orange?

  1. Finally, find a way to incorporate your word.

It doesn’t have to be the whole word. My symbol is a heart, for from the heart comes the cheerful nature. Within my heart I believe I will place the rest of the word – some. For someone looking at it without any additional information, they most likely won’t get it. But that’s ok.  This is about personal discovery and finding your mojo.

Discovering something about yourself can take time.  There are so many labels we put on ourselves based on what the world around us expects us to be. Mother, wife, friend, daughter, son, teacher, husband, caregiver, breadwinner, encourager… and there are so many more. Let go of that for now.  Discover something that you like about you, something that comes with no expectations or limits beyond the ones you want to give yourself.  And then when you discover them…let them go.

Throw up your hands heavenward and release it all.

Yes- I mean ACTUALLY do that.  The act of letting go is the first step in finding the creative spirit within.  If you can’t empty yourself of all those things that clog your thoughts, how will you ever have room for something new?

Let. It. Go.

Then once it is gone….fill it back up

With art

With creativity

With discovery

Till Monday! ~L

What I have been up to this week:

So, this is what has been consuming my brain – technology!  Sorry to say, I’m old.  It takes me a bit of time to figure things out, especially when it comes to stuff related to my computer.

I’ve been working on my etsy shop, (Lisaellen studio art) setting up a studio blow out sale, cuz hey – girl needs more room! I’ve finally loaded most of what I have hanging around in there, and I am offering 40% till the end of January.

Being that I was so lax this week in getting your prompts to you, I would like to offer you – my blog readers, an extra 10% off. There are journals, boxes and tiles with some of my art work to encourage your heart and creative soul. Are you still looking for a journal to work in this year? Perfect place to find one 😉

The 40% off is store wide and the pricing already reflects that, but for the extra 10%, use the coupon code JANEXTRA10 at checkout and the pricing will update.

As always, domestic shipping is free. If you are international, shoot me an email and I will look into what those costs will be for you (lisaellenart@yahoo.com) I would be happy to reduce them a bit 🙂

Prayers for a creative 2018! L

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