Stretching and other uncomfortable things (artist edition)

Muscles scream and bones protest as I bend in ways I haven’t in some time. My body feels the neglect, more than my mind knows it. …and honestly, I just don’t like doing it.

But here’s the truth…

I need it. The stretching. The moving. The moving outside of the comfortable. It keeps my ligaments flexible, joints from seizing from misuse, and helps to maintain a stronger core than I might have otherwise.

 …and I hate every minute of it.

So it is with an Artist’s life

If we don’t move beyond what is familiar and comfortable creatively, we won’t ever grow to discover who we truly are (this is assuming you are searching for that little piece of the puzzle) or could be.

I have spent the last year or so taking classes, trying out new supplies and processes, teaching and speaking (which is totally outside of my comfort zone) and growing into who I am as a creative.

I’ve learned what I like
what I don’t
And what I would like to explore further

I’ve dabbled

I’ve stretched

And I have discovered a few things about myself that I never would have known otherwise.

Was it hard?


Was it painful?

-Most definitely

But did it bring me closer to the creative soul that I long to be?

-without a doubt….

I’d like to encourage you to take a step of faith today. Creative faith.

Move out of your comfort zone

Explore something new

Venture into unknown waters

…you never know when the very thing you have been avoiding all along, will be the key to all you have ever dreamed of.

What one thing can you do to stretch yourself creatively today? 

Encourage another creative: leave a comment.



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