Dream stories

Do you remember your dreams once you wake?

I don’t. Not often anyway. If I do, I generally sit up and take notice and write them down exactly as they unfolded behind my sleeping eyes, before they dissipate like a foggy mist.

This morning was one of those times. Rings and candles, restaurants, and Keanu Reeves of all people, filled my waking mind. Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem on the surface. They contain symbols, clues, to other matters of this life. They are a way your spirit can connect to your brain and at a time when you are more likely to be listening.

I’ve asked God to give me dreams – prophetic, guiding…connecting. and when I am open to hearing, they tend to come in rivers.

Have you had such a dream? You know the kind. The one that makes you say to yourself “this means something“.

This weekend, let’s create dream art.

Pull out a canvas, watercolor block, art journal, or even a sketchpad. Begin to draw symbols from your dream. Start the background with colors you remember. Add in drawings or collage pictures from a magazine. Write words that come to mind…or numbers that have appeared. Tell the story of that dream through a piece of art and you may in the process discover something about yourself, or the purpose of it.

Remember: This process is not about the finished product, but more about how it makes you feel, and what it teaches you along the way.

Working like this can really help you to see things you might not otherwise. Give yourself permission to create something less than perfect. Move through the process as though you are still in that dream. Paint, collage and sketch with abandon.

Creating from your dreams can bring you to a new level of engagement, which I think is what my dream is telling me. Engage those creative tendencies…

You just might learn something!

*I would love to see what you are creating through your dreams. Use the tag #dreamstories and let’s connect on Instagram Monday!



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  1. Barbara Koob says:

    Oh—- I love the concept of dream art. We should do a conference? Teaching and art combined? Cool idea Lisa!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lisa evola says:

    Yes! That sounds amazing…..a little guided meditation, a little teaching on dreams and symbologies…building your dream dictionary…I can see it now!
    We’ll talk!


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