the Power of the Journal

The wind is blowing, there is snow on the ground, and all I want to do is hibernate.  Can you relate?

But this, THIS is the time of year to renew, to plan, to endeavor of things only dreamt about, in the busy times of life.

I don’t know about you, but it seems when I have time….I don’t want to do anything.  It is in the crazy busy pieces of life, that ideas flow through my creative brain.  They flow to the point of over-flowing, and there simply isn’t enough time to do them in those moment…in that current slice of life.

That is where my journal comes in….

Carrying a journal around with me allows for the unloading of ideas during the busy, so that when the busy isn’t so much a present piece of life, I can revisit those dreams, those ideas – and realize them.

Soon spring will be warming up the ground and the busyness that comes with it will become my reality.  Last year was such a reactive time in my life.  It seemed like my schedule was not my own, but instead controlled by circumstance and others needs. (I have a whole post about the WONDER of 2018 and choosing your word of intention for the New Year – you can read it here)

While I don’t regret anything that happened last year, I need the new year, this particular space in my life, to be more intentional. Journaling your dreams, ideas, and desires for can help to manifest them by giving them a place in your mind and in your heart.

You don’t have to be an artist, writer, or poet to participate in a truly life changing journaling experience.

Those pages are not for anyone else to see, so partial sentences, incomplete thoughts, fractured pictures all work here.  The idea is to get them jotted down so they can begin to integrate into your reality.

Psychologists say that the things you give the most attention to (good or bad) are what will become your reality.  Wouldn’t you like that reality to be something grand?

Something beautiful

Something intentional

So pull out that dusty journal and jot down a few things you would like to see happen this year. It’s hard to get started when so much time has passed, I get it.

So here are a few ideas of how to begin:

  1. Collage a picture (either a photo or even from a magazine) onto your page.  What does this picture say to you? does it invoke an idea? a place you would like to visit? something you would like to know more about or desire to be? Make it personal….this is about you after all.
  2. Find an Inspiring quote. I particularly like inspiring quotes from famous artists….they just speak to me.  But if you are a foody, maybe try googling “inspiring quotes from famous chefs”, or, “inspiring quotes about gardens” if tending to the flowers is your thing.  Write that quote at the top of your page….or fill the page up with it.  Then write a few sentences about how that quote makes you feel.  Why do you like it?  How would you like it to change you this year?
  3. Free form writing.  Go to a quite place. take 3 or 4 deep breaths and breathe them out fully, releasing anything you are holding on to (like the to-do list). set a timer for 10 minutes….5 if you are feeling particularly empty. Then write….anything!  The idea is to not stop at all.  Write the first thing that comes to mind, then the next, and keep going till the timer goes off.  Don’t edit what you are writing, just write.  It may be jumbled, fractured, illegible….but it will be truly you.  It will be a snapshot of exactly what is hiding in your mind, thoughts, soul.

This practice will get much easier as you make it a routine.  It is a wonderful way to release things that you simply don’t want to think about anymore, to allow for new thoughts, ideas and plans to emerge. Try to journal something every day.  It could be one sentence…or many. That is up to you. But most certainly it will put you in touch with who you are, and allow you to change your focus if that indeed is what you wish for 2019.

Are you the type to make resolutions?  Have you tried choosing a focus word?  I have a post running on A BEAUTIFUL LIFE today that talks about that subject and gives you some ideas about how to choose one that will be both meaningful and life changing. You can read that here.

Do you need a new journal? Visit my ETSY shop for some beautiful places to write your words [lisaellenstudioart]

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