making creativity a daily SOUL-care practice

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they were in a rut, and couldn’t create because they just weren’t inspired to.

I get it!  That is me in a nutshell. I WANT to be creative…I’d like nothing more than to spend every minute of everyday pouring out my creative heart onto a page, canvas, fabric….whatever is handy and enticing.

Yet I don’t

…and the more days that go by since the last time I was creative….the harder it is to muster up that artful energy.  but this is what I have discovered:


Simply said: if you will simply do it, more will come.

Albeit slowly at first, but with perseverance and tenacity,  all of a sudden a creative force will burst forth with all the glorious sentiment of a long lost love. The joy pulls you deeper and deeper into that passion ignited, and all else will fall away as you engage the center of your creative soul.

I want that!

I’ll bet you do too

Easier said than done you say? Yes. Getting started is the hardest part.  I come up with some amazing excuses. But what I’ve realized is that they are all rooted in fear. Time is all relevant. How does one person do everything you’ve always wanted to do, yet you can’t find even a minute for it?


We all make time for the things we truly want, even if that is sitting and staring out a window. Believe me I get it.  Fear has kept me from doing a myriad of things I know I was born to do. But I’m telling you, it is time to stop letting the enemy of your soul drown you in that fear.  It is time to say NO MORE!

So – How do you stop this pattern of inactivity?

Just begin.

Here are a few ideas:

-Look up an inspirational quote on google – write it in a notebook or journal and surround it with color, doodles or your own words of intention.

-Take an in-person class to learn a new technique. Sometimes you just need a small push to get started, and what better way than to spend time with other creatives. online classes are awesome, but you are still sitting alone in your comfort zone….stuck. Getting out and mingling…seeing what others are creating may be just what you need to get you unstuck. (looking for a good class? Here are a few)

-Pull out that dusty journal and just do something…every day! Even if you only spend 10 minutes drawing, painting, writing, dreaming….those 10 minutes will put you on a path of moving forward. Before you know it, 10 will become 15, 15 will become 20….and you will be well on your way to a vibrant daily creative practice! (need a new journal? Check these out)

-Make it a priority. Only you know you. In my world, if I do not spend the first few hours of my day doing creative things, I won’t do them at all. There will always be other things calling my attention, and responsibilities pulling at my time. Even if I don’t feel like it, or think I have other more important priorities, I spend at least an hour in a creative practice of some sort. It is the only thing moving me forward.

If you don’t find a way, no one will for you.

This has to be something that you do for yourself – and the soul-healing that can come from it could change your whole perspective. I hope that you will take time today – for you- for your soul-health, and begin that journey of creative discovery!

I’d love to hear what you are doing creatively today!  Please leave a comment




  1. Ha ha. Podcasting, Writing, Writing on Medium, Painting, Tangling… studying and praying. lol
    How are you? Blessings Janis

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    1. lisa evola says:

      Wow, busy girl! Those all sound like amazing focuses. Trying to focus on staying warm these days, and making the time to let my creative spirit stretch its legs 🙂 God is good, and I am thankful.
      Keep on keeping on my friend!

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  2. I wrote a poem and posted it. I am finding poetry just begging to escape recently. You are right, the more we do, the more easily it can be done. It goes along with the parable of the talents in the Bible. If we use the ones we have, He will increase the talents he gives us. If we bury the ‘one’ we have. He will take it from us and give it to one who utilizes his/hers. Thank You! Have a Blessed Day!


    1. lisa evola says:

      I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. This whole season of the proverbial “winter” has both invigorated me as well as frozen me in my tracks. I’m starting to move into that place of organization because I have realized just how quickly time passes without actually achieving your primary goal. I can’t wait to read your poem, and I really hope that you have been inspired to write many more since. Our world needs creativity, beauty and a sense of peace that art and other creative endeavors can impart to it. Happy writing my friend!

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      1. Thank You for your kind appraisal of my work. I sincerely appreciate it. Blessings!

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