Holding on to Vision

🙏This post will be a bit lengthy....but vision and life transformation cannot be conveyed in 200 characters or less. Take your time reading it if that is what is necessary.....

When I began this journey of vision back in January of 2021, I had no idea what I was doing. I let the whisperings in my soul guide my words, my actions…my art. It was a huge undertaking, and one I often wonder whether I was truly prepared to take.

But are we ever truly prepared for the longings of our souls?

I read once that if our dreams don’t scare the hell out of us…they aren’t big enough. This dream that I had was HUGE – monstrous even.

It stuck out all over

What I imagined to be beautiful and organized and fulfilling, became a mountain before me that I simply had to conquer. I learned things I never imagined I would need to, and became a person…out of necessity, that does everything scared.

And dreams&vision was born

It wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have professional lighting or sound. My camera was old, and beyond some live sessions on social media, I had no idea how to organize and run a class.

But I did it anyway

This last month has been an opportunity for me to slow down and reassess where I am in this Soul Journey. I’ve prayed, journaled, painted, sketched, and seeked with all my heart, the will of God for this next season of my life.

The process of seeking vision is never perfect -[human!]-but I have discovered several things about myself that I think maybe you can appreciate or relate to…even begin to process in the context of who YOU are in order to begin your journey anew, whether it is a new one…or a continuing story:

Lesson 1: You can’t get it wrong. I had a dream one night where God and I were having a deep conversation about this journey I’m on. He hugged me and said “Whatever you decide to do is fine with me…as long as we do it together.” You see I was so afraid of getting it wrong and walking down the wrong path that I couldn’t make any real decisions. I was adding more and more because I thought I needed to be bigger than I was. I was a huge ball of stress….and I guarantee, that is not where He wants you to be. Everything we go through, whether related to our final destination or not, contributes to the whole and most often is a necessary part. Permission granted to choose what makes you MOST joy filled.

Lesson 2: Choose the ONE thing. For the longest time I was of the opinion that in order to find what is most authentic to who you were created to be, a deep exploration of all the things could be necessary. While I still believe that if you are in that place of uncertain knowledge of who you are creatively, exploring possibility can help you to discover something deeper about yourself – but there comes a time when all that random activity simply makes you scattered. Taking time to reassess what you have been up to the last season (a year, maybe more?) will help you to put into perspective the things you are good at, bring you joy and peace, and help to make choices that will serve you best in this next season of your life. Remember that Busier is not better.

Lesson 3: Be relentless in the pursuit of what you love. I do have one caveat here: This isn’t a selfish desire that forsakes all morality in favor of what YOU want. This is a walking out of the vision that the Father has placed on your heart…unearthed through the process of discovery…with unwavering steps of focus and importance. Even the things that God has for us requires action on our part. He invites us to participate with Him in the CREATION process, but will not inflict it upon us if we are not willing to do what’s necessary. That willingness of putting Him and our creative vision first is a step all its own…and it takes, sometimes, great commitment. Commit to the Pursuit, it is something worth walking out.

All this said, a NEW dreams&vision will not be happening at this moment in time. They say when you aren’t hearing a clear answer from God – go back to where you heard Him last. For me that was “do it again, give it away”. When I heard that one year ago, I was not ready to accept it. The next year of my life felt like a wandering path that had no direction, so I’m going back to it.

For 2023, I will be attending my own courseimperfection and all. It may make me cringe at times- absolutely sure of that….and quite possibly I will need to make some adjustments to the program {ahem, perfectionist tendencies}. But I think there are more lessons to be had for me….for you. Often when we are too close to a situation, we can’t see the wisdom within, so I will step back from the judgement of it and simply engage.

For the second part of that [give it away], I am offering dreams&vision for no cost to you for 2023. The stories I received about the transformation that students experienced tells me that it is perfect in its imperfection.

But it takes a commitment to experience this transformation.

I would love to invite you along on this journey. Even if you’ve completed the course before…you’re a different person now. Dive back in…create a new journal. Express the lessons in ways that are more authentic to who you are in this moment. Allow the process to take you further down (or up as the case may be) this mountain path and change your perspective about who you were Created to BE.

God willing, we will have a new dreams&vision for 2024 – quite possibly the themes He gave me to begin anew simply need to percolate a bit more in order to take you further along this creative journey.

Here is the link to the creative classroom: DREAMS&VISION I encourage you to do them in order and from the beginning…this is the process of creating habits, and they build upon one another.

I look forward to meeting you there….

✌🏻❤️🎨 Lisa

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