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A Storyteller’s Compendium:

creating heirlooms for future generations

the Epic Novel

This is for the person who wants to go the extra mile with their Coptic stitch book making, This session is the full Monty! The techniques in this course will propel you in your story making as well as produce many heirloom books for years to come.

Techniques taught:

  • Recycling books to create new books,
  • Covering book board with fabric,
  • How to make your own book cloth,
  • Adding texture & detail with hand embroidery,
  • Choosing the right papers and preparing them for stitching,
  • Deckled vs. cut edges,
  • Creating decorative endpapers [marbling],
  • Creative indexes and glossaries,
  • Ex Libris: Your own bookplate from a linocut,
  • Creating sewing templates,
  • Sewing a Coptic stitch binding,
  • Using trinkets and artifacts in your binding and book,
  • Stabilizing the covers,
  • Laminating pictures to add characters to your story,
  • 3 Timelines to move your story forward,
  • Reference photos & still life references, and
  • Graphite, pen & ink sketching,
  • Photo Transfer Techniques,
  • Pull outs & Pop-Ups, and
  • 8 quick and reproducible details to take your book from great to EPIC,

This course has 15+ hours of content (Video, Audio & downloadable pdf).


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In this course we will be going DEEPER into what it means to have a poetic voice, how to develop yours authentically, and then begin using it for true expression, healing and ultimately – personal transformation.

Here are some of the Techniques & Topics we will be covering:

  • Getting Organized
  • a Poet’s Mindset
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Setting Intentions
  • Color Mixing
  • Oil & Wax abstracts
  • 3 different book structures
  • + 6 weeks of Journaling Prompts and Creative Quotes to keep you inspired

This Course Has 15+ Hours of Instruction


CREATIVES & the Gardens They Love

Join Lisa & 9 other Creatives who LOVE their gardens, in this new summer series where we will plan, plant, cook, create, attract birds & butterflies, watercolor, mosaic, dye and ecoprint.

It’s all about the Garden Ya’ll!!