Holding on to Vision

🙏This post will be a bit lengthy....but vision and life transformation cannot be conveyed in 200 characters or less. Take your time reading it if that is what is necessary.....

When I began this journey of vision back in January of 2021, I had no idea what I was doing. I let the whisperings in my soul guide my words, my actions…my art. It was a huge undertaking, and one I often wonder whether I was truly prepared to take.

But are we ever truly prepared for the longings of our souls?

I read once that if our dreams don’t scare the hell out of us…they aren’t big enough. This dream that I had was HUGE – monstrous even.

It stuck out all over

What I imagined to be beautiful and organized and fulfilling, became a mountain before me that I simply had to conquer. I learned things I never imagined I would need to, and became a person…out of necessity, that does everything scared.

And dreams&vision was born

It wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have professional lighting or sound. My camera was old, and beyond some live sessions on social media, I had no idea how to organize and run a class.

But I did it anyway

This last month has been an opportunity for me to slow down and reassess where I am in this Soul Journey. I’ve prayed, journaled, painted, sketched, and seeked with all my heart, the will of God for this next season of my life.

The process of seeking vision is never perfect -[human!]-but I have discovered several things about myself that I think maybe you can appreciate or relate to…even begin to process in the context of who YOU are in order to begin your journey anew, whether it is a new one…or a continuing story:

Lesson 1: You can’t get it wrong. I had a dream one night where God and I were having a deep conversation about this journey I’m on. He hugged me and said “Whatever you decide to do is fine with me…as long as we do it together.” You see I was so afraid of getting it wrong and walking down the wrong path that I couldn’t make any real decisions. I was adding more and more because I thought I needed to be bigger than I was. I was a huge ball of stress….and I guarantee, that is not where He wants you to be. Everything we go through, whether related to our final destination or not, contributes to the whole and most often is a necessary part. Permission granted to choose what makes you MOST joy filled.

Lesson 2: Choose the ONE thing. For the longest time I was of the opinion that in order to find what is most authentic to who you were created to be, a deep exploration of all the things could be necessary. While I still believe that if you are in that place of uncertain knowledge of who you are creatively, exploring possibility can help you to discover something deeper about yourself – but there comes a time when all that random activity simply makes you scattered. Taking time to reassess what you have been up to the last season (a year, maybe more?) will help you to put into perspective the things you are good at, bring you joy and peace, and help to make choices that will serve you best in this next season of your life. Remember that Busier is not better.

Lesson 3: Be relentless in the pursuit of what you love. I do have one caveat here: This isn’t a selfish desire that forsakes all morality in favor of what YOU want. This is a walking out of the vision that the Father has placed on your heart…unearthed through the process of discovery…with unwavering steps of focus and importance. Even the things that God has for us requires action on our part. He invites us to participate with Him in the CREATION process, but will not inflict it upon us if we are not willing to do what’s necessary. That willingness of putting Him and our creative vision first is a step all its own…and it takes, sometimes, great commitment. Commit to the Pursuit, it is something worth walking out.

All this said, a NEW dreams&vision will not be happening at this moment in time. They say when you aren’t hearing a clear answer from God – go back to where you heard Him last. For me that was “do it again, give it away”. When I heard that one year ago, I was not ready to accept it. The next year of my life felt like a wandering path that had no direction, so I’m going back to it.

For 2023, I will be attending my own courseimperfection and all. It may make me cringe at times- absolutely sure of that….and quite possibly I will need to make some adjustments to the program {ahem, perfectionist tendencies}. But I think there are more lessons to be had for me….for you. Often when we are too close to a situation, we can’t see the wisdom within, so I will step back from the judgement of it and simply engage.

For the second part of that [give it away], I am offering dreams&vision for no cost to you for 2023. The stories I received about the transformation that students experienced tells me that it is perfect in its imperfection.

But it takes a commitment to experience this transformation.

I would love to invite you along on this journey. Even if you’ve completed the course before…you’re a different person now. Dive back in…create a new journal. Express the lessons in ways that are more authentic to who you are in this moment. Allow the process to take you further down (or up as the case may be) this mountain path and change your perspective about who you were Created to BE.

God willing, we will have a new dreams&vision for 2024 – quite possibly the themes He gave me to begin anew simply need to percolate a bit more in order to take you further along this creative journey.

Here is the link to the creative classroom: DREAMS&VISION I encourage you to do them in order and from the beginning…this is the process of creating habits, and they build upon one another.

I look forward to meeting you there….

✌🏻❤️🎨 Lisa

Fine Art Originals available now:

Remembering where you’ve come from

a thousand little pieces of me 

broken & mended, then broken again. a continual repurposing of what I thought would destroy, one piece of my soul at a time, is the very thing that forms the bond around that wound…
gaping and raw – yet filled
and soothed
and made whole – again and again
Is this broken place what makes me HOLY again?


Those broken places are usually what we prefer to forget.

Rarely do we see its value or effect until we have journeyed beyond it…till we are reminded of GRACE, of LIFE, of LOVE that does not fail. 
And in the REMEMBERING of it, another joining stitch bringing together the many fractured pieces of our hearts…tight and secure in body, mind and soul – in the place that was made for you…for me
Within the Broken Heart of God

This week on Creative Vision Journal LIVE, we talk about how each and every piece of our journey, good and not so much, weave together to create a beautiful self portrait of who we. Every weave in the fabric, another piece made beautiful in its mending.

Grab your journals and join me in creating a beautiful portrait of you…

…{see the session here}


Click on the picture above to visit the Live Session.

Till next week~


…the journey ahead

Is creativity calling you? Have you experienced that tiny whisper that says…

”yes! Come and see what this art thing is all about.”

There is so much out there on the internet that It’s hard to know where to begin finding the art you want to create.

I remember in the beginning, when I decided to give this ART LIFE a go, hoping on to social media only to spend hours and hours looking at someone else’s creative expression – yet never experiencing my own. It’s so easy to get lost in all of the beautiful ways people use their creative gifts. What I finally had to do was set a limit to that exposure and follow it up with engaging in my own creative acts according to how I was inspired by what I saw.

Eventually those wanderings took less of my time away, and I spent more of those precious moments creating for myself. The healing that took place in my soul was life giving…

My creativity increased

My spiritual focus deepened

I found more joy and satisfaction in my work

and my personal relationships began to thrive

This isn’t to say that I haven’t struggled at times with inspiration, but when those times come, I know exactly what to do to regain creative strength. But this is only because I made the commitment to start a Daily Creative Practice. It’s like muscle memory for the Creative Soul.

Think about how quickly time passes without our even realizing it. When we put things off till later…later most often never comes. The KEY is to choose a time, choose a place, make sure that place is set up with all your favorite supplies, then make that commitment to show up.

Showing up is the hardest part….I know this too well. My self talk sounds like this: “I’ll just do this and get it out of the way so I can focus on the art” but the truth about “this” is there will always be this’s.

Just like spending time in prayer, Creativity is best cultivated as a priority. What that time looks like will be individual to the person. I do my best creating first thing in the morning – after prayer, but before my business day officially begins. If I wait, weariness will take over and the excuses will follow.

Do You Want To Live A Creative Life?

make the commitment and don’t look back

This week on Creative Vision Journal Live, we talk about Embracing the journey ahead….whatever that looks like for you. It’s an imperfect process of trial and error, but it is a beautiful adventure that you will never be sorry you began.


Click on the picture above to visit the Live Session.

Gather your Journal and write, paint, sketch whatever your heart is leading you to. It won’t be perfect, but it will be fulfilling and authentic.

Here are the supplies I used: Van Gogh Oil Pastels, 6B Charcoal Pencil, a bit of hockey tape (haha) to keep my page together at the bottom, and a small piece of paper bag. That’s it…easy peasy!

Do you keep a journal? Is it a visual journal or only for writing? Consider adding some small sketches to those heart words you’ve written….once your creative heart catches on, you will be changed for eternity ❤️

Till next week~


the Art of Story

If you’ve lived any time at all on this spinning ball of chaos, I guarantee you have a story to tell….maybe two or three

Story is integral to who we are as humans. It is our way of making sense of life and deriving a deeper meaning from it.

There are many ways to tell a story, as individual as there are people on this Earth. However you connect creatively with your surroundings is a perfect place to start.

You don’t need to be an aspiring author, novelist, playwright or actor to endeavor into the story realm. Maybe you simply want to connect deeper with your audience – whoever they may be – coworkers, boss, clients. Maybe you are a blogger or podcast host who desires to connect on a deeper level. Or possibly you are a mom trying to get your point across to an obstinate child.

However you plan to use your story, there are certain things that will strengthen the narrative you have to tell beyond the inevitable need to practice.

Ask yourself these 6 Questions:

  • What is my central message? There needs to be a point to the tale you are spinning. Is it to encourage? Propel? Inform? Collude? Think about what you want to accomplish by saying what you have to say.
  • What drama or conflict can I express to make it more memorable? Using hardships or obstacles strewn throughout the story will engage the listeners mind and heart. Everyone loves a great overcomer story.
  • Am I using a logical progression? Have you ever watched a movie or tv series that flips back and forth from present day to the past and back again? Does it confuse you? It does me. Yes, sometimes back story is necessary, but make sure you are being clear about how you are presenting the thoughts you have to share.
  • Are you pulling from personal experience? Your story doesn’t need to be all about you, but when you use personal experience of the subject matter to tell a story, there is a more authentic ring to it. Make sure you engage your five sense as you are describing an event, place, or happening.
  • Are you capturing your audience’s attention? It’s important to be as expressive as you can. If you are telling this story in person, include eye contact, talk with your hands, and bring them into the story using connection of both a physical & spiritual nature.
  • Are you reading/listening to others stories? Nothing strengthens a storyteller’s imagination than hearing or reading a really great story. Ask yourself what you liked about a certain narrative, book, movie, artwork. Seeing how others are expressing their hearts in a way that engages you, is a perfect way to begin telling the stories you have.

All creative endeavors are story.

Maybe not in the traditional sense of a novel on a bookshelf, but think about the last painting you looked at, whether at a gallery, a library, or even the internet. What captivated your eye? If it was an abstract, what did those colors, that arrangement, those lines or blocks express to you? Look deeper….it is telling you a story of some sort. Discern what that is – to you.

Creativity is an expression of soul in all of its forms

The creator of that expression may have had an original intent for what they give. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s this: It is through our own personal life experience, that we will process the information before us, word & image; and while certain wisdoms may not change, the overall impact on the soul, will.

And that my friends, is the power of a story.

Tell a story that takes you deeper

Peace and Love and Art


are you forgetting to breathe?

Slowing down

is NOT a valued focus of our diy and get it done society

Yet the more we take on, the more stress we feel. And the more stress we have, the less peace we experience. When we lack feelings of peace, stuff begins to fall apart.

I’ve found myself in this place more times than I care to count. Most recenly I have been guiding my facebook group in the Art of Being Grateful. But what happens when you aren’t grateful? You don’t see the bright side of life? Or maybe too much has been setting itself against you, and you just can’t cope?

How do you then find your way back onto the path of peace and gratitude?

It could be that you simply need to breathe

We as humans, on average, take about 17,000 breaths a day…but did you know that most only use the top third of their lungs to do it?

Those shallow breaths do not oxygenate the lungs enough for them to thrive. Yes, they will survive…

but who only wants to survive?

a conscious deep breathing

receiving more oxygen to the body and brain

exhaling just as deeply and purposefully

…these are the things that will help you build lung strength [and who can’t use that right now?]


Do you know if you are breathing properly? To check, simply watch your stomach to see if it rises and falls when you breathe. If not, you are not using your diaphragm to breathe


Using a conscious effort to control how we inhale and exhale will help to create a more regular practice of deep breathing. The longer and more often you practice, the more innate it will become.


Our health, mind, and creativity depend on our ability to have self-control and to be able to implement practices that fill our spirits. Breath work is vital component of that thriving to bring us into the purpose and life we’ve always dreamed of.

“Short Shallow breaths trigger what’s known as fight-or-flight response”

magnolia journal

This not only drains your energy, but also can trigger negative thought patterns that will send you spiraling if left unattended to. Now is the time to take control of those patterns.

Working in your gratitude journal regularly can help

Being grateful takes the focus off of yesterday and tomorrow, and places it where it belongs…in the present.

Tune in Next Monday in our facebook group “Express Yourself! A Creative Soul-Journ” to see how you can work effectively in your journal using not only words, but pictures, color, and affirmations to keep you feeling thankful so that when those difficult times come back around – you will have an effective tool in your weapons arsenal.

If you do not belong to this group, go ahead and join. It’s free!

Peace and Love and Art my friends


SELAH! the art of the pause


This is a common theme that has been trying to worm its way into my life over the last several years. From traffic appearing out of nowhere to roadblocks and cancellations, something in my spirit has been trying to get my attention.

Let’s take the recent Covid-19 experience…for 99.9% of us, this happening has knocked us off our highway, and onto the footpath of life. It has forced us to pause in the midst of our busyness and reassess where our life has been or is going.

For many, the things that used to occupy our minds have changed in favor of other “more important” considerations. Some have changed their business focus (me included), and others have begun to learn that nothing is sure in this life.

Where do you find yourself on this spectrum?

Since this is a Creativity blogpost, let’s talk in creative terms.

My first reaction to this whole pandemic thing was elation that I will finally have the time to create the things that have been milling around in my spirit for some time. Honestly, my days don’t look all that different from what they did before. But…

this pause in the path of my life has served to force me to slow down, re-assess where I was at, and ultimately consider where I wanted to be.


The word has been debated by scholars for centuries as to its meaning with considerable dispute, but one thing they do agree on is that when the word appears, the reader is to stop….to pause.

This pause, like many other opportunities in our lives, can either dumbfound us or propel us to new heights. Instead of seeing this time as a curse, instead ask yourself what this pause is an opportunity to do…to change.

Is it your perspective that needs change? Your habits? Maybe you need a change of scenery or plain just need to rest. These are all valid things.

So, in an effort to move forward in wisdom, ask yourself these questions:

What have I been putting off for days, months, even years?

What can I do now that I couldn’t before?

How can I reduce the busyness in my life so that when everything returns to normal, I can move at a more reasonable pace and be more at peace with my schedule?

…and most importantly….

What CREATIVE thing can I engage in to help me to see beauty instead of chaos right now?

Friends let’s start focusing on the positive, and let go of the negative talk that the rest of the world would love to drag you into. It is not serving you, your mind, or even your physical health.

Let’s be the different that this world needs to experience.

Who knows, your creative expression might be exactly what will change not only you, but the world around you.

What are you doing to stay creative during this epic time?

I would love to connect with you! Check out my facebook page on Mondays for some creative inspiration, here at creative faith on Wednesdays for some encouragement, and sign up for our Friday newsletter HERE , you will receive all the updates in one place, and even get some “extras” from time to time.

Take a Pause today my friends…consider what your soul may be telling you!

Peace and Love and Art ~lisa

the in-between moments…

Are you working from home right now?

maybe you find yourself there half-time, full-time, or no-time.

I know this Season has been hard in oh so many ways….and for so many people.

It has never been more important than now to care for our hearts…and CARE DEEPLY! Our personal soul-care is vital to our well being, both mentally and physically. It is from our OVER-FLOW that we are able to affect those around us…hopefully for their good.

When we are emotionally spent – which, haven’t we all been there a bit too often lately? – there is nothing left to give others. Not our families, not our friends….even our work people suffer at the hands of our personal neglect.

But filling up can be a challenge when we are faced with stress, job loss, money shortages …temper shortages. The negative culture around us can affect us so deeply if we allow it to. So I would like you to do something for me….for you….

Find Beauty in an In-Between Moment

Right now in fact… Stand Up and walk to the closest window…

What do you see?

Now look closer – notice something that you hadn’t before. What does it look like? What color is it? How does it move [or not move]? What surrounds it? Is it affected by its surroundings?

Now craft a little story in your head about this noticing.

Tell it’s Story

It doesn’t have to take long. Imagine you are telling a child about this thing. Everything has a story, even inanimate things. How does it look, feel, think.

Imagine the possibilities.

Taking yourself out of the auto-pilot moments of the day, and into creative story, helps you to find beauty in life. This practice can lift your Spirit, and bring you more in-tune with the present moments that you often can’t see because of busyness, obligation, and world view. As you fill up with these, your over-flow will change the culture around you.

Notice the change. It may be very subtle at first, but as you lift, so will the atmosphere.

Somehow we all need to find a disconnect….in order to reconnect – to what’s important, to the natural world around us…to our very Souls.

Take time today to find beauty in the In-Between Moments…

Make it a habit every hour or so. Stretch. Walk. Look. Breathe. Five minutes is all it takes to totally change your perspective. Over time you will begin to see your Spirit lift, your emotions settle, your mood improve, and your Creative Heart begin to soar!

As you transform, so does the world around you….for it’s good

WHAT do you see right now? I would love to hear it! Please leave a comment and encourage the world. We are all in this together my friends!

Don’t forget to share, comment and engage! I would love to connect with you

Peace and Love and Art! ~lisaellen

Gratitude and the Creative Connection

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Science and Psychology tells us that there is a strong link between gratitude and mental health. Let’s explore that connection to our Creativity…

PEOPLE with an “attitude of gratitude”

  • experience lower levels of stress
  • are more satisfied and tend to have higher levels of self-esteem
  • have a sense of increased well-being, as well as lower levels of depression and anxiety

The link between the mind-body connection aligns with how gratitude can have a double benefit. For example, the feeling of appreciation helps us to have healthier minds, and with that healthier bodies.

Here are 5 ways GRATITUDE can help your creative practice:

Healthier minds tend to be more creative, as they look more deeply at their surroundings noticing details often overlooked.

The right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Gratitude can strengthen the synapsis, creating stronger connections and enhancing the right brain abilities. Some of it’s strengths include: Recognizing faces. Expressing emotions. Music. Reading emotions. Color.

Stronger self-control which helps with discipline and focus. Long term this can help you to make that creative practice more consistent.

Gratitude is a powerful tool for strengthening interpersonal relationships which can lead to a deeper Artist/Customer connection. Art isn’t about the need for what you make…it is about the connection to the work, and the artist themselves.

Simply being grateful for being alive is a great way to motivate oneself to seize the day. Take on that creative project that you didn’t think you could do…You Can!

Creative Next Steps:

Would you like to cultivate a practice of gratitude? I am starting a new book project on my facebook live Monday sessions at 9am –here. Can’t join live? All of the video sessions will be available in the “Express Yourself! A Creative Soul-Journ” group. Its free to join, you can do that here

I hope to see you there. Like, follow and share this post, my page or the group….I would love to have you along on this creative journey. Let’s do this together!

Tell me ~ What are you grateful for today? Leave a comment and encourage someone!

Peace and Love and Art ~lisa

Creating from Deep Places

I am often asked what it takes to make great art

My first reaction is to say all art is great.

But that is often met with qualifying words of what they think is great.

Making any art in general, is directly related to; learning a process, practice, refining that process, more practice, changing that process to fit your “voice”, even more practice…practice, practice, practice. But even this, although true, is only part of the equation. It’s just the basics of what it takes to make art.

Great art on the other hand, comes from a much deeper place.

GREAT art is part desire, part suffering, a little bit of desperation, and a whole lot of SOUL.

Great art doesn’t just happen, it is born.

So what do I mean by great art….it isn’t what you may think. Sure, the Masters did their fair share of suffering, and created some of the worlds greatest masterpieces. Feeling is evident in the brushstrokes, even love, compassion, curiosity and a desire to know the subject matter more intimately. These are all qualifiers.

But just because you didn’t study under the masters, doesn’t mean that you can’t create a GREAT work of art.

Great creative works aren’t always born by the most gifted person, or even the one who has invested hundreds of hours into a creative piece or practice. It isn’t necessarily the most “beautiful”, or the most expensive, and they aren’t always found in galleries.

Truly Great pieces of Art make people feel.

They bring out emotion, memory and sometimes even tears. They are a culmination of what the artist feels deep inside during the creative process….often mirroring the heart of THE CREATOR, for it is in those deep places of the soul that ours touches HIS.

Heart beating fast, as the bush hits its mark with an accuracy you simply KNOW isn’t yours.

And then there is that one person who sees it and is overcome; sometimes with joy, sometimes with grief – and they experience feelings they often don’t understand. In this moment, that art, that masterpiece, that Truly. Great. Soul-work. is a conduit connecting the Creator to His creation; for that is what we all are, whether we readily acknowledge it or not.

It is a call to recognize that deep place, to “SEE” what only some will choose to see.

In that moment of clarity, all of our questions fall into place, and a knowledge that surpasses understanding finds its way into our souls…into those deeper places where art and creativity are born.

I invite you today to go deeper, to choose to see what is hidden deep inside of you, and to create that Great Work of Art that can touch the souls of others.

I would love to hear how you are connecting to that creative center of your being. What do YOU do to connect to your Creative Soul? Let’s start a conversation….this is a place of safety and love…your feelings mean something to us

with love and creativity ~lisa

Bringing Mindfulness into Your Creative Practice

Being present to the moments of life can encourage thankfulness, exercise our minds, increase productivity, and even inspire beauty and creativity.

With so much stress being a part of our regular state of being lately, the practice of mindfulness has never been more important. When you think about why we have the concerns we do as of late, it is no wonder depression is on the rise.

Mindfulness reduces anxiety, increases feelings of well being, improves memory, increases self-control, regulates emotions, improves brain function and improves relationships. The benefits of this activity are too many to list here, but know that this is something that anyone can incorporate into their days, and almost a MUST DO for creatives.

5 Ways To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Creative Practice

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply the state of being aware of the present moment. Try this:

1. Take a walk in a park, through the woods, or even down the street before sitting down to work on something creative. Breathe deeply (fresh air in) and notice any scents that may be present. How do they make you feel, or what do they make you think of? (fresh air out) Repeat this deep breathing with each of the 5 senses, paying close attention. Using your senses while you walk can get your brain thinking outside the box and increase inspiration and motivation. Write these reactions down in a journal or even sketch them out….no rules here

2. Do a Brain Dump. Often we are so consumed with ideas, thoughts, reactions, and feelings that we are incapable of fitting anything else in. Sometimes I have so many ideas that come at me all at once that I am frozen in my ability to take any action what-so-ever. Write them all down. Create a list, journal them all in one long no punctuation paragraph, or fill little bubbles with the general idea. This serves to get it all out in front of you so that individual attention can be given to each piece, at the appropriate time. Creating a grocery list is similar in that you don’t want to forget to pick up things you need and a reminder is necessary. *If you’d like to make them pretty, Code them with color in order of importance so you know which to deal with first.

3. Stretch before, during and after your creative time. Pay attention to each part you are stretching. Notice how it feels: tight? pain? does your spine crack or align during the stretch? Loosening up is great for your body and your mind, especially if you will be spending a lot of time in a chair. Most of my studio practice is spent behind a computer or sitting at an easel. I can focus much more if I have gotten all the stiffs and aches out.

4. Get out in the Garden. Gardening is a huge part of my creative practice because I draw and paint flowers & herbs, vegetables & trees, as well as insects & birds. Incorporating plant materials through print making as well as dyeing drying and arranging for my home is other ways I like to get out into Nature. Even if you don’t use the garden in your creative expression, the garden itself can promote feelings of peace & tranquility and is an awesome place to set up a table or bench to engage in whatever it is that you do. I like to create garden rooms that give various spaces to different focuses. For instance a small table surrounded by a hedge and set next to a pond with a trickling waterfall can serve as great setting for a short story, or poem in the making. I’ve even set up easels in the midst of the flowering lettuce to capture the beauty up close and personal

5. Listening to music. This is one of my favorite mindfulness tools while I am creating. I’m particularly found of instrumentals because they don’t clash with the thought processes that occur during creating endeavors, but sometimes I am inspired by other forms of music. A word or phrase, or even a certain melody will conjure images in my mind that become some of my favorite pieces of art. Choose something that inspires you…everyone is different. But try to avoid things that get you really worked up or angry. Peace is the goal here, so that the inner you can come out to play for a while.

I hope this has inspired you to incorporate some mindfulness into your life today.

Till next time!

Peace and love my friends ~lisa