Remembering where you’ve come from

a thousand little pieces of me 

broken & mended, then broken again. a continual repurposing of what I thought would destroy, one piece of my soul at a time, is the very thing that forms the bond around that wound…
gaping and raw – yet filled
and soothed
and made whole – again and again
Is this broken place what makes me HOLY again?


Those broken places are usually what we prefer to forget.

Rarely do we see its value or effect until we have journeyed beyond it…till we are reminded of GRACE, of LIFE, of LOVE that does not fail. 
And in the REMEMBERING of it, another joining stitch bringing together the many fractured pieces of our hearts…tight and secure in body, mind and soul – in the place that was made for you…for me
Within the Broken Heart of God

This week on Creative Vision Journal LIVE, we talk about how each and every piece of our journey, good and not so much, weave together to create a beautiful self portrait of who we. Every weave in the fabric, another piece made beautiful in its mending.

Grab your journals and join me in creating a beautiful portrait of you…

…{see the session here}

Click on the picture above to visit the Live Session.

Till next week~


…the journey ahead

Is creativity calling you? Have you experienced that tiny whisper that says…

”yes! Come and see what this art thing is all about.”

There is so much out there on the internet that It’s hard to know where to begin finding the art you want to create.

I remember in the beginning, when I decided to give this ART LIFE a go, hoping on to social media only to spend hours and hours looking at someone else’s creative expression – yet never experiencing my own. It’s so easy to get lost in all of the beautiful ways people use their creative gifts. What I finally had to do was set a limit to that exposure and follow it up with engaging in my own creative acts according to how I was inspired by what I saw.

Eventually those wanderings took less of my time away, and I spent more of those precious moments creating for myself. The healing that took place in my soul was life giving…

My creativity increased

My spiritual focus deepened

I found more joy and satisfaction in my work

and my personal relationships began to thrive

This isn’t to say that I haven’t struggled at times with inspiration, but when those times come, I know exactly what to do to regain creative strength. But this is only because I made the commitment to start a Daily Creative Practice. It’s like muscle memory for the Creative Soul.

Think about how quickly time passes without our even realizing it. When we put things off till later…later most often never comes. The KEY is to choose a time, choose a place, make sure that place is set up with all your favorite supplies, then make that commitment to show up.

Showing up is the hardest part….I know this too well. My self talk sounds like this: “I’ll just do this and get it out of the way so I can focus on the art” but the truth about “this” is there will always be this’s.

Just like spending time in prayer, Creativity is best cultivated as a priority. What that time looks like will be individual to the person. I do my best creating first thing in the morning – after prayer, but before my business day officially begins. If I wait, weariness will take over and the excuses will follow.

Do You Want To Live A Creative Life?

make the commitment and don’t look back

This week on Creative Vision Journal Live, we talk about Embracing the journey ahead….whatever that looks like for you. It’s an imperfect process of trial and error, but it is a beautiful adventure that you will never be sorry you began.

Click on the picture above to visit the Live Session.

Gather your Journal and write, paint, sketch whatever your heart is leading you to. It won’t be perfect, but it will be fulfilling and authentic.

Here are the supplies I used: Van Gogh Oil Pastels, 6B Charcoal Pencil, a bit of hockey tape (haha) to keep my page together at the bottom, and a small piece of paper bag. That’s it…easy peasy!

Do you keep a journal? Is it a visual journal or only for writing? Consider adding some small sketches to those heart words you’ve written….once your creative heart catches on, you will be changed for eternity ❤️

Till next week~


feeding your soul….

it has been a long. hard. winter.




Most creatives can appreciate what I’m saying…even if your “winter” was 80 degrees and sunny. There are those periods of time (some longer than others) where you feel….. spent. Creative people tend to feel more deeply and process those emotions in artistic ways. writing… painting… making.

With the approaching spring, the ground begins to warm and leaves start to bud on the trees. The first blooms begin to peek above winters crust, and a sort of HOPE takes root. It’s time to nourish those frosty parts of you.

Feeding your soul has many layers

Religion would tell you that it comes through reading the bible and praying. Others would say doing all the things you love to do, or pursuing your dreams  is the ticket. Still more insist that reaching out and helping others will fill your heart.

I think the answer to this soul question is a bit more complicated than a pat answer can give.  They aren’t wrong…any of them. But your personal soul fulfillment is just that – Yours

No one can tell you what the answer is. What works for one person may not work for you. Learning to listen more deeply to our own needs is key. But I mean really listening. For me it is a one step at a time journey through which I seek to connect with the Eternal. See evidence of heaven here on earth. And hear what creation is telling me.

It includes scripture reading in those times that I don’t feel like I’m hearing properly or need something more visual to hold onto. Getting in touch with the natural for me is also key – seeing the evidence of vibrant life all around me helps to pull me out of a profound funk and brings my Muse home from that too long sabbatical. Sharing what is in my heart, both practically and emotionally has always been fulfilling in more ways that I can even list, and certainly is a vital component to the equation.


That is my guiding word for my life right now. Moving closer to what I already have. Looking closer at what it is saying to me. Living closer to what my heart tells me is my purpose. and seeking to BE closer to God above all else.

I process these things through creating, writing, and sharing. This is me, it’s how I roll. Maybe this is you too? Maybe not – only you know what your soul needs….and if you don’t know right now – ask. The Creator who knows you best will tell you. Are you willing to hear it?

Art Feeds My Soul

I’m participating in The 100 days project this year.  It began on April 2nd and runs through July 10th. A weighty task indeed! But….daily art practice feeds my soul – even when I don’t feel inspired. Work through it anyway. There is so much to learn about ourselves in this process.

You may discover a new process you LOVE that you wouldn’t have otherwise

Story happens when you engage your inner soul with your outer creative being. Even without words, your pictures can tell a tale of joy, heartbreak, loss, vision, growth….

It’s up to you

Would you like to join me?  I have a list of one-word prompts for each of the 100 days to help you on your journey of discovery. (the100daysproject PROMPTS) Use them how you like. take them literally, or figuratively….it’s your food.

Here is what I did this week:

Day 1: QUOTE from a famous artist




Day 3: HOUSE


Day 4: LEAF


They won’t always be perfect. You may not even think they are beautiful. But they will always be an expression of what you are feeling. Emotion is tied directly to Art. As Day 1 says: “art is not what you see, but what you make others see – degas”

I started with 100 pieces of cardstock, all the same size to make it easy. All I have to do is grab one each morning and paint, glue, write….whatever my heart desires. My only expectation is that they will be the truest expression of me in that moment. At the end of the 100 days, I am going to bind them all into a book. On the last day I will have a video of that process for you to follow. but do whatever your heart is telling you to create.

I’d love to see what you are working on. Use these hashtags so we can all find you: #the100daysproject #100daysofcreativefaith #creativefaith

Enjoy the Process. Connect with the Creative Part of Your Soul. See the Beauty in Life.

making creativity a daily SOUL-care practice

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they were in a rut, and couldn’t create because they just weren’t inspired to.

I get it!  That is me in a nutshell. I WANT to be creative…I’d like nothing more than to spend every minute of everyday pouring out my creative heart onto a page, canvas, fabric….whatever is handy and enticing.

Yet I don’t

…and the more days that go by since the last time I was creative….the harder it is to muster up that artful energy.  but this is what I have discovered:


Simply said: if you will simply do it, more will come.

Albeit slowly at first, but with perseverance and tenacity,  all of a sudden a creative force will burst forth with all the glorious sentiment of a long lost love. The joy pulls you deeper and deeper into that passion ignited, and all else will fall away as you engage the center of your creative soul.

I want that!

I’ll bet you do too

Easier said than done you say? Yes. Getting started is the hardest part.  I come up with some amazing excuses. But what I’ve realized is that they are all rooted in fear. Time is all relevant. How does one person do everything you’ve always wanted to do, yet you can’t find even a minute for it?


We all make time for the things we truly want, even if that is sitting and staring out a window. Believe me I get it.  Fear has kept me from doing a myriad of things I know I was born to do. But I’m telling you, it is time to stop letting the enemy of your soul drown you in that fear.  It is time to say NO MORE!

So – How do you stop this pattern of inactivity?

Just begin.

Here are a few ideas:

-Look up an inspirational quote on google – write it in a notebook or journal and surround it with color, doodles or your own words of intention.

-Take an in-person class to learn a new technique. Sometimes you just need a small push to get started, and what better way than to spend time with other creatives. online classes are awesome, but you are still sitting alone in your comfort zone….stuck. Getting out and mingling…seeing what others are creating may be just what you need to get you unstuck. (looking for a good class? Here are a few)

-Pull out that dusty journal and just do something…every day! Even if you only spend 10 minutes drawing, painting, writing, dreaming….those 10 minutes will put you on a path of moving forward. Before you know it, 10 will become 15, 15 will become 20….and you will be well on your way to a vibrant daily creative practice! (need a new journal? Check these out)

-Make it a priority. Only you know you. In my world, if I do not spend the first few hours of my day doing creative things, I won’t do them at all. There will always be other things calling my attention, and responsibilities pulling at my time. Even if I don’t feel like it, or think I have other more important priorities, I spend at least an hour in a creative practice of some sort. It is the only thing moving me forward.

If you don’t find a way, no one will for you.

This has to be something that you do for yourself – and the soul-healing that can come from it could change your whole perspective. I hope that you will take time today – for you- for your soul-health, and begin that journey of creative discovery!

I’d love to hear what you are doing creatively today!  Please leave a comment



Start Where You Are – Use What You Have + Recipe

Happy Friday Creatives!

Inspiration for creativity comes in many forms. There is a plethora of information out there for absolutely anything you could ever desire to know or learn. So how do you decide what to take in, what to leave behind, and what to sock away for a rainy day?

There are days that browsing through Instagram gets me so inspired that I’m almost frozen.  I simply don’t know where to begin with all of the beautiful and creative expression I see out there. So here is the best advice that I can give you:


This may seem like an over simplified suggestion, but think about it. Your abilities and knowledge are going to be quite different than mine or anyone elses. You may be new to the creative spirit and just learning what that means for you. Or artistic expression could be a significant part of your existence and you simply need to get out of a creative rut. I’ve been both places….sometimes at the same time.


In order to not become frustrated with a process, I always think about what I’ve done before.  There is almost always something that will resonate with you. For instance if you want to learn how to combine collage and paint, you may not be strong in sketching a layout or combining colored paper effectively, but maybe were an outstanding finger painter in school (albeit  was most likely a long time ago 😉

Use that. Learn the technique of choosing collage elements and composition, but when it comes to the painting aspect, just use your fingers. Knowing a piece of the puzzle helps you to relax and focus on the other pieces, and  could create a whole new dimension to the project that was never even considered. Incorporating something you already know takes the pressure off of performing that process in exactly the same way someone else did. Learning techniques is awesome, but don’t rely on them so heavily that originality and a joyful flow is absent.


I don’t know about you, but I have a significant amount of art supplies. I’ve spent this whole week trying to get them organized into my studio space before the weather becomes too cold to take it all outside – which is my preferred place to create. Right now there are stacks and stacks of books, paint, fabric, glue, canvas….. the process is exhausting! So, going to the art supply is definitely not on my radar.

Try limiting yourself to using only what you have on hand. For instance if the project calls for watercolor paper, but all you have is that thin cardboard roll from the cabinets that you installed last month, and it is taking up a significant portion of your creative space (story there!) Use it. Brush some gesso on it – either white, black or clear would be amazing and will produce drastically different results – then proceed with the planned art expression. You may find a whole new set of supplies you didn’t even know you had.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be creative, even mentally. The process is all about connecting with the creative spirit we all have inside…and that is a beautiful thing!

This week for our inspiration, we are going to do something a bit different.

Creative Cooking!

With the falling temperatures comes my desire to cook and can, freeze and jellify. (is that even a word?) But, I just didn’t want to spend the morning shopping, only cooking. So I did what I just recommended you to do in your art – I Used What I Had

I love traditional zucchini bread. It is a perfect blend of sweet and savory. But I only had a bit of zucchini, and a ton of other produce that needed to be used up, including two bananas that were turning that I stuffed in the freezer a few days ago –heh heh

…and Gallimaufry Bread was born!

I can be a pretty lazy baker.  I love fresh ingredients and homemade things, but my time doesn’t always allow the extra time it takes to do it from scratch. Soooooo….this is what I did…

Gallimaufry Bread


  • 2 cake mixes (1 spice and 1 cherry chip – weird I know, but that is what I had)
  • 2 boxes of vanilla instant pudding
  • 6 eggs
  • 2/3 cup of canola oil
  • 2 small zucchini – shredded
  • 2 medium carrots – shredded
  • 2 small granny smith apples – chopped
  • 2 over ripe frozen bananas – mashed
  • ½ cup dried cherries – you can use raisins, or any other dried fruit for that matter

~ Mix everything together. No sifting, no blending, no segregation. We are all created equal here. -Just mix.

Fill your greased and floured pans (I had 5 of various sizes) halfway full  (no more than 2/3) of this really colorful mixture, and place in a 350 degree oven.

So, the time is going to depend greatly upon how big your pan is and how much you fill it.  Since I have all different sizes, I put them all in and set my timer for 15 minutes to check the small one. Amazingly, that one took 25 minutes (only 5 minutes less than the next size up which was significantly larger. I added more time to the others in 5 and 10 minute increments until at last they were all done. You will know this when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and the bread springs back to your touch. Certainly it is much easier to do all the same size and have them all coming out at the same time (usually 30 minutes for a regular bread pan).

Gallimaufry bread is basically a – whatever I have in the refrigerator today – kind of bread. Tomorrow? Hmmmm, maybe acorn squash, sweet potato, green apple and onion using a corn bread mix. Who knows, it could be amazing!

How can you use today what you already have? What new kind of bread can you create from the leftovers in your fridge? I would love to hear some of your amazing combinations!  Leave a comment and maybe we will all try it J





the Story of ABSTRACTION

There is nothing like the word ABSTRACT to strike fear in the heart of many an artist.

The reason is that it is so subjective. We are often looking for finite’s in life, as well as our art. Something real that we can sink our teeth into. Something to say “hey this is who I am and this is what I am creating”. Because, honestly, most people don’t get abstract.

But have you ever considered that the piece you are creating today, this week, is not meant for someone else to “get”? Possibly the whole purpose of it is to get you to feel, or to show someone else that you do.

Color makes us feel

Bold marks speak volumes

Even something as defined as a square can get across a message of confinement or seclusion.

Abstraction gives you the freedom to say whatever you like, however you choose to say it.

I can speak my heart with the color choices I make, whether those colors make me happy, or sad. How I choose to place them on the page can also go far in describing how I feel.

For instance if you start with a darker color in the center, then paint concentric circles from that point with a lighter and lighter version of that same color, this could express a need to lighten a load, or movement from a difficult place to a much more carefree spirit.

However you choose to express your feelings in this step, make a statement. Scream from the page that you are alive and have something important to say – even if it is only to yourself. But above all…

…have fun!

Here is how I approached today’s mixed media prompt:

I decided to switch things up a bit and pulled out an 8×8 canvas to work on. Then choosing a few colors that made me happy, I placed random dots around in no particular order.

abstract 9-26

Using a wide flat brush, I made several swipes down the canvas, then across, being careful not to let the colors mix too much. (I really like how they join yet maintain their individuality. Certainly a personal statement if I have ever heard one!

I then added in some circular marks with white paint to express how we are all a part of this world, following the same circle of life. We feel that we are so unique in our problems and our struggles, but if you look closely enough you will find that there is a connection within them all. These struggles repeat themselves throughout history, providing a connection if we are willing to see it… like circles on a page.

A few black and purple marks made an appearance here and there, symbolizing the struggles of the past that have been pushed to the back of who we are. The things we experience throughout life, both good and bad, will always be a part of who we are. It shapes us and gives us a unique perspective on the world.  It is these perspectives that empowers us to help others and impart hope. This is God’s unique plan for our pain. Sometimes He allows it to help us grow and He uses that growth to guide us to others who need our perspective.

I needed a bit of contrast, so a fluorescent pink made an appearance next. It is those contrasting experiences in life, the people who are so not like us at all but we can’t help feeling a connection of some sort, that give the greatest complement to our existence. Don’t fight them. They can offer you great perspective and variety that may not ever become part of your world otherwise. They help you to see outside the box and to consider options that may not ever occur to you.

These symbols, marks and colors can be changed and transformed throughout the creative process, symbolizing a change in perspective or even a change of heart. Working through our feelings in this way can be incredibly healing and thought provoking. Bringing the reality of how we feel deep inside to the forefront, where we can see it more accurately for what it is, allows us to look everything over from a more discerning stance.

Letting the paint rest now, and absorbing the lessons I am learning through the process.

May I encourage you to do the same? Create a work of art this week that tells a story.

This story doesn’t necessarily have to be about you, maybe it is someone close to you.  But use color to express those things that are hard to put into words. Work through a problem, or express an emotion.

As you continue to create in this way, you will begin to build a visual library that is individual to who you are. Personal symbolism is a great way to create immensely emotional works of art. People will feel something when they view them.  It might not always be what you felt while creating it, but if your emotion gets them to feel theirs, you have done your job as an artist.

happy creating!

your creative guide~lisa

Have questions?  You can email me at


Stretching and other uncomfortable things (artist edition)

Muscles scream and bones protest as I bend in ways I haven’t in some time. My body feels the neglect, more than my mind knows it. …and honestly, I just don’t like doing it.

But here’s the truth…

I need it. The stretching. The moving. The moving outside of the comfortable. It keeps my ligaments flexible, joints from seizing from misuse, and helps to maintain a stronger core than I might have otherwise.

 …and I hate every minute of it.

So it is with an Artist’s life

If we don’t move beyond what is familiar and comfortable creatively, we won’t ever grow to discover who we truly are (this is assuming you are searching for that little piece of the puzzle) or could be.

I have spent the last year or so taking classes, trying out new supplies and processes, teaching and speaking (which is totally outside of my comfort zone) and growing into who I am as a creative.

I’ve learned what I like
what I don’t
And what I would like to explore further

I’ve dabbled

I’ve stretched

And I have discovered a few things about myself that I never would have known otherwise.

Was it hard?


Was it painful?

-Most definitely

But did it bring me closer to the creative soul that I long to be?

-without a doubt….

I’d like to encourage you to take a step of faith today. Creative faith.

Move out of your comfort zone

Explore something new

Venture into unknown waters

…you never know when the very thing you have been avoiding all along, will be the key to all you have ever dreamed of.

What one thing can you do to stretch yourself creatively today? 

Encourage another creative: leave a comment.



Spirit Led: the art of worship

Have you ever experienced that sensation of wonder over something you’ve created? Beauty is upon the page but you aren’t quite sure where it came from.

Words, color, or creative expression evident, but how did it get there?

If you’ve come over today from A Beautiful LifeWelcome! I am so glad you have decided to stop by.

Creativity and art is not everybody’s cup of tea – heck, even self-proclaimed artists sometimes have trouble claiming it. But what do you call that fantastic meal you just created for your hungry family, the enemy slaying prayer that manifested on your lips – making all the difference in someone’s life, or the time carved out of an overly busy schedule to meet the needs of another?

I call it a CREATIVE use of what the CREATOR has given you. It is your worship!

Not everyone will have gifts that fall into the artistic realm. But, we are ALL, each and every one of us, CREATIVE. How can we help it? We have the breath of a creative Eternal within us. We are made in His image, made to reflect who He is. And that reflection is CREATIVE.

As of late, I have been intensely interested in Spirit led art. Are you familiar with it?

It is the practice of allowing the spirit within you guide your thoughts, your hands – your unique expression of creativity.

It is mysterious, invigorating, and enthralling, all rolled up into one.

I love how the spirit connects with its Creator to bring about something deep and unexpected. We can learn so much about ourselves and our Maker by engaging spiritually. The important thing to remember is that it’s not about the end result – it is absolutely about the process.

Here are some ideas to get you started in a spirit led practice, whether you are a writer, photographer, artist, cook, prayer, or creative entrepreneur…we all have that Spirit connection within us that will engage us on a much deeper level, manifesting things we never thought possible. These are just some initial things to try. Ultimately the Spirit will guide you as to how to proceed, but the idea here is to just get started. The more time you take exploring this practice, the closer your spirit will come to the Source and the deeper your outpouring will become. Take five minutes today to explore this, ten tomorrow. …and keep increasing your time to whatever you can afford to do. This is a great practice for right before you work doing whatever it is that you do.

Spirit Lead Me…

  1. Gather a few favorite supplies – limit what you take, this isn’t about exploring new techniques or supplies. Use what you already know so that figuring things out doesn’t factor in. Here are mine: arches hot press watercolor block (small) travel box of watercolors (limited to paynes gray, sepia, burnt orange and raw umber), white and black acrylic inks, 1 piece of willow charcoal, stabilo pencils in black and sepia.
  2. Find your quiet place – this should be somewhere free of distraction. I have to go where the dogs are not J I love their snuggly tendencies, but not while I am forming a spirit connection! This might be in a garden, walking in the woods, or in a room of your abode near a bright window. Your choice – do what works for you. Just make sure that you won’t be disturbed for the set period of time you have chosen to start with. I will be sitting near the big window in my studio today, as it is still quite cold outside.
  3. Engage with creation – The Creator is present within all of His creation. Being immersed in it will help you to visualize being where He is. Bring in some flowers from the garden if you aren’t sitting in it. Branches and pinecones you picked up on a walk works, as well as flowers from the store. Try to surround yourself with anything natural you can gather. I have a terrarium full of things I’ve picked up on walks. Empty robin’s eggs, acorn caps, moss balls, twisted branches. These kinds of things inspire me
  4. Have a backdrop of tunes –Does music inspire you? It does me. Choose something soothing and keep the volume low. Here are some of my personal favorites for this particular type of journey: bethel music, hillsong united, sounds of nature cd’s. These are just to get your soul singing. Sometimes words from the songs will pop vividly into my mind, demanding to be recognized. I often find that these are clues from the Eternal – words just for me.  Recognize them, make them heard on your page!
  5. Close your eyes to “SEE” – Sometimes seeing isn’t about the visual world. Sometimes it is about seeing with your heart, with your soul. When my eyes are open, I tend to see what I want to, but when they are closed my heart is much more open to the whisperings of the Spirit. When you close your eyes, what do you hear? Can you see a color? An image? A shape maybe? I often see circles – they find their way into my art a lot! What types of things do you do over and over? Pay attention to them. If you find that it is always the same thing, look up the symbolism of that shape, word, image. Listen to what your Spirit is telling you about it.

Journal what you are learning.  After several sessions, you may see a pattern, or discover something new….

  1. Allow the inner to connect with the outer – Whatever you are hearing or seeing during these precious moments, allow that inner voice to move your outer hands in a way that describes what you are hearing or seeing. I know it sounds confusing. I’m often confused during this carved out space in my life. But let your hands give expression to what you feel. Don’t over think it – you are not creating a piece of artwork that you will hang on the wall – yet. In these beginning sessions, it is about learning to listen and respond in whatever way you are compelled to. String lines together…or words. Let what you are experiencing on the inside flow through to the outside.  Just let it go! It doesn’t matter what it looks like.  It isn’t about anyone seeing what you see – only You and the Creator

Maybe you are sitting in a garden and watching the wind move some dried winter blooms.  Video tape them. Watch how they sway. They are responding to the external as well as the internal. They are doing exactly what they were made to do in every stage of their life.  They recognize how they were made. They know what to do.  They worship with their whole being!

It may be a stretch to think about things this way, but give it a try. Recognize the Creator spirit in all that surrounds you. See the world in a different way and renew your mind.

When we do what we were created to do, our very being becomes worship. Who we are reflects the Spirit of the Creator and shows the incredible glory that He is. This can make our whole life become a beautiful work of art – on or off the canvas.

 Keep your heart open to the possibilities, and you will see amazing things!

I hope you are inspired to begin today. Seek the Creator in all of His eternal glory.

Bring about the “ART” you were born to create!

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when life sucks…

We all know that life has a way of taking you places you didn’t want to go, bringing you things you didn’t want to have, and leaving you feeling broken and alone.

Life – it sucks!

…but only in the sense that it has a tendency to suck time, resources, energy and purpose.

That is why every now and then we just need to refuel.

  • Take a new class
  • Change our surroundings
  • Do something different

Often it is in that ‘different‘ that we discover who we are. When life is noisy, it tends to drive you, instead of you determining the path which you will take. I get it. February was that month for me – heck, January too! I’ve been soul searching, making changes, and trying to be still and listen.

What am I hearing?

Spirit longings

I will be sharing these with you over the next month as I delve deeper into what my spirit is telling me and how to hear what your spirit is telling you too.

For Today, lets start with just being still….

Find a quiet place – inside, outside, whatever works for you in your corner of the world. But preferably a place that you will not be interrupted for a period of time. no noise except for the murmurings of nature

Close your eyes – shut out everything except your inner eyes. Distractions abound for me…even in nature – squirrel! Need I say more?

Listen – This is important. You don’t want to listen with your ears…listen with your heart. If you can’t get to a very quiet place, try putting in some earbuds and listening to some soft sounds of nature or instrumentals. No words….those are distracting – squirrel. you only want to block out the noise of what is going on around you, not create more.

Complete quiet is of course best, but if that is not an option, or if quiet distracts you, the music might be necessary. As you practice this it will become easier.

As you listen, what words pop into your head?

Jot those down in a journal or on a piece of paper, no matter how weird they seem. Sometimes words will come and they won’t make any sense- write them anyway. Let them go as you write and then listen again. Try this for 5 minutes the first day and increase your time by 5 minutes each day if possible.

{do you need a new journal? I have some really beautiful ones in my etsy shop. You can visit that here}

Spending time each day in the presence of the Creator – Spirit to Spirit, will reveal things you never imagined. By next Monday, hopefully you will have increased your listening/meditation time to 30 or 35 minutes. Then check back here for the next part of the Spirit led journey.

May your Spirits hear the words of the Creator. Words of life, words of love

Words that will bring you closer to who you were always meant to be.

Working Backwards – thoughts on painting in the negative

{prompts for this week are further down the page. keep reading ;}

Typically as I work on a painting or journal page, I am thinking about how I can turn something negative in my life into something more positive. I begin with a thought, a feeling, a word, and I embellish draw, paint and change that negativity into a positive healing process. 

This is what I teach my intuitive painting students, and this is how I like to process life.

For instance, I will take a word like lonely, paint it in big bold letters in the center of my canvas, turn on some awesome music – then go to town! I work from a place of darkness into the light. Taking a word that has made me feel other than into a place of acceptance, love, healing, gratitude and joy. The changing feelings and impressions that occur in the process of creation can be so healing for me.

Emotionally. Physically. Relationally.

It is how I love to see my work transform.  I watch as it progresses from a place that I don’t like, one I’m unsure about or really struggling with, into what I desire to be, or feel emotionally. It has, I must say, served me well.

But this week we are going to approach this process from a different perspective to learn something more about ourselves. Because hey, we are in discovery mode! Whether you are working small or large, colorful or with a limited palette, discovery is all about immersing ourselves in the process.

When God created the universe, He was right down in it.

“and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” gen 1:2

or as the message version quips:

“God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.”

This particular version gives me the impression that He was really sweating the small stuff.  He wanted something beautiful that He could be proud of – after all, God is perfection. He was there when everything was chaotic. When it was ugly and unrecognizable. And He stayed with the process, He didn’t give up as the changing facets of creation morphed and became something immensely beautiful to Him. (Sounds a lot like me in the beginning stages of a painting!)

Instead of giving up in the ugly stages of creation (cuz you gotta know they totally were there), He stuck with the plan. He worked the clay until it yielded to His touch and His will, creating a beautiful, unparalleled masterpiece.

Those must have been some of the most stressful 7 days – EVER! (Just my humble thoughts for sure)

…and it was beautiful

“It is good” He said

This is our own desire right, to create something beautiful, something good? Sometimes you just have to go through some real ugliness to achieve that goal. Don’t get stressed. Don’t give up. Work that clay until something beautiful emerges.

So this week, here is what I would like you to do:


Paint your page (or whatever you may be working on) with swaths of color. You can block them in or just brush random wide strokes filling the area with as much color as you like. let it dry.


Using contrasting paint or gel pens, in each of the blocks of color create a pattern within that area. For instance if the block is black, use white or some other light color and fill it with dots. Choose whatever contrasting or complimentary color you like but stay within that space.  Vary your colors and marks from block to block.


Now choose a color that you haven’t already used, and a mark that you particularly like (mine is a circle) and create a larger pattern that migrates over a few of the blocks, unifying them with the mark. Put it in a few places around the whole surface to create continutity.


Using your view finder, or fingers shaped like a square, identify areas of pattern or color overlap that you like. Take a mental note. Now….squint your eyes at the picture as a whole. Do you see any emerging patterns? A face, animal, object? Look for possibilities in the brushstrokes. Maybe the colors melded in a particular area, and with the marks made on top you see a kitten looking back at you. This is what your picture wants to be. Look for houses, planes, birds, dogs, teacups.  It’s really up to you how you choose to see things.

Taking a charcoal pencil, lightly sketch some loose lines encapsulating the image you see. Then let it rest. Tomorrow comes the negative painting.


To finish off your painting this week, I want you to paint all of the areas that are outside of the image that you drew yesterday. This is called negative painting. Let your brush be loose as you block it all in with color, not worrying if the lines are straight or if it creates a great likeness. Letting go and letting something new emerge is the goal here.

You can choose a solid color like black or white, or you may choose to use a blending of colors that are similar to block it in.  Whatever you choose, it should be calmer than what is inside.  After you get that done, go in with some black or white and do some line work to further define your image.

Now step back

What did you see?

The emerging patterns that we find in an otherwise chaotic surface can tell us a bit about who we are, what we like.  I tend to see florals in most of what I do. It is just how I roll. I can see blooming beauties where others only see mess. Maybe that is my gift, to see what others can’t see. But this can be your gift too. Sometimes it is just a matter of developing it. 

Flowers can be symbolic of growth, inner beauty, emergence, and God’s provision (for He clothes the flowers of the field)

Finding the symbolism in what you most often see where others don’t, will give you a bit of insight into your inner self. Through this exercise, I see myself as a see-er of inner strength and beauty in the world around me and it increases my faith knowing that my God sees me and clothes me with beautiful color and gifts, true provisions for my life.

What did you SEE this week? Do you need help finding its symbolism?  I would be very happy to assist you in this. Leave a comment and I will help you to unveil a bit of your inner-self.

I would love to see what you created. Post to instagram using #creativefaith  #CP4aCL and #52project

Happy Creating my friends!