Holding on to Vision

🙏This post will be a bit lengthy....but vision and life transformation cannot be conveyed in 200 characters or less. Take your time reading it if that is what is necessary.....

When I began this journey of vision back in January of 2021, I had no idea what I was doing. I let the whisperings in my soul guide my words, my actions…my art. It was a huge undertaking, and one I often wonder whether I was truly prepared to take.

But are we ever truly prepared for the longings of our souls?

I read once that if our dreams don’t scare the hell out of us…they aren’t big enough. This dream that I had was HUGE – monstrous even.

It stuck out all over

What I imagined to be beautiful and organized and fulfilling, became a mountain before me that I simply had to conquer. I learned things I never imagined I would need to, and became a person…out of necessity, that does everything scared.

And dreams&vision was born

It wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have professional lighting or sound. My camera was old, and beyond some live sessions on social media, I had no idea how to organize and run a class.

But I did it anyway

This last month has been an opportunity for me to slow down and reassess where I am in this Soul Journey. I’ve prayed, journaled, painted, sketched, and seeked with all my heart, the will of God for this next season of my life.

The process of seeking vision is never perfect -[human!]-but I have discovered several things about myself that I think maybe you can appreciate or relate to…even begin to process in the context of who YOU are in order to begin your journey anew, whether it is a new one…or a continuing story:

Lesson 1: You can’t get it wrong. I had a dream one night where God and I were having a deep conversation about this journey I’m on. He hugged me and said “Whatever you decide to do is fine with me…as long as we do it together.” You see I was so afraid of getting it wrong and walking down the wrong path that I couldn’t make any real decisions. I was adding more and more because I thought I needed to be bigger than I was. I was a huge ball of stress….and I guarantee, that is not where He wants you to be. Everything we go through, whether related to our final destination or not, contributes to the whole and most often is a necessary part. Permission granted to choose what makes you MOST joy filled.

Lesson 2: Choose the ONE thing. For the longest time I was of the opinion that in order to find what is most authentic to who you were created to be, a deep exploration of all the things could be necessary. While I still believe that if you are in that place of uncertain knowledge of who you are creatively, exploring possibility can help you to discover something deeper about yourself – but there comes a time when all that random activity simply makes you scattered. Taking time to reassess what you have been up to the last season (a year, maybe more?) will help you to put into perspective the things you are good at, bring you joy and peace, and help to make choices that will serve you best in this next season of your life. Remember that Busier is not better.

Lesson 3: Be relentless in the pursuit of what you love. I do have one caveat here: This isn’t a selfish desire that forsakes all morality in favor of what YOU want. This is a walking out of the vision that the Father has placed on your heart…unearthed through the process of discovery…with unwavering steps of focus and importance. Even the things that God has for us requires action on our part. He invites us to participate with Him in the CREATION process, but will not inflict it upon us if we are not willing to do what’s necessary. That willingness of putting Him and our creative vision first is a step all its own…and it takes, sometimes, great commitment. Commit to the Pursuit, it is something worth walking out.

All this said, a NEW dreams&vision will not be happening at this moment in time. They say when you aren’t hearing a clear answer from God – go back to where you heard Him last. For me that was “do it again, give it away”. When I heard that one year ago, I was not ready to accept it. The next year of my life felt like a wandering path that had no direction, so I’m going back to it.

For 2023, I will be attending my own courseimperfection and all. It may make me cringe at times- absolutely sure of that….and quite possibly I will need to make some adjustments to the program {ahem, perfectionist tendencies}. But I think there are more lessons to be had for me….for you. Often when we are too close to a situation, we can’t see the wisdom within, so I will step back from the judgement of it and simply engage.

For the second part of that [give it away], I am offering dreams&vision for no cost to you for 2023. The stories I received about the transformation that students experienced tells me that it is perfect in its imperfection.

But it takes a commitment to experience this transformation.

I would love to invite you along on this journey. Even if you’ve completed the course before…you’re a different person now. Dive back in…create a new journal. Express the lessons in ways that are more authentic to who you are in this moment. Allow the process to take you further down (or up as the case may be) this mountain path and change your perspective about who you were Created to BE.

God willing, we will have a new dreams&vision for 2024 – quite possibly the themes He gave me to begin anew simply need to percolate a bit more in order to take you further along this creative journey.

Here is the link to the creative classroom: DREAMS&VISION I encourage you to do them in order and from the beginning…this is the process of creating habits, and they build upon one another.

I look forward to meeting you there….

✌🏻❤️🎨 Lisa

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the Art of Story

If you’ve lived any time at all on this spinning ball of chaos, I guarantee you have a story to tell….maybe two or three

Story is integral to who we are as humans. It is our way of making sense of life and deriving a deeper meaning from it.

There are many ways to tell a story, as individual as there are people on this Earth. However you connect creatively with your surroundings is a perfect place to start.

You don’t need to be an aspiring author, novelist, playwright or actor to endeavor into the story realm. Maybe you simply want to connect deeper with your audience – whoever they may be – coworkers, boss, clients. Maybe you are a blogger or podcast host who desires to connect on a deeper level. Or possibly you are a mom trying to get your point across to an obstinate child.

However you plan to use your story, there are certain things that will strengthen the narrative you have to tell beyond the inevitable need to practice.

Ask yourself these 6 Questions:

  • What is my central message? There needs to be a point to the tale you are spinning. Is it to encourage? Propel? Inform? Collude? Think about what you want to accomplish by saying what you have to say.
  • What drama or conflict can I express to make it more memorable? Using hardships or obstacles strewn throughout the story will engage the listeners mind and heart. Everyone loves a great overcomer story.
  • Am I using a logical progression? Have you ever watched a movie or tv series that flips back and forth from present day to the past and back again? Does it confuse you? It does me. Yes, sometimes back story is necessary, but make sure you are being clear about how you are presenting the thoughts you have to share.
  • Are you pulling from personal experience? Your story doesn’t need to be all about you, but when you use personal experience of the subject matter to tell a story, there is a more authentic ring to it. Make sure you engage your five sense as you are describing an event, place, or happening.
  • Are you capturing your audience’s attention? It’s important to be as expressive as you can. If you are telling this story in person, include eye contact, talk with your hands, and bring them into the story using connection of both a physical & spiritual nature.
  • Are you reading/listening to others stories? Nothing strengthens a storyteller’s imagination than hearing or reading a really great story. Ask yourself what you liked about a certain narrative, book, movie, artwork. Seeing how others are expressing their hearts in a way that engages you, is a perfect way to begin telling the stories you have.

All creative endeavors are story.

Maybe not in the traditional sense of a novel on a bookshelf, but think about the last painting you looked at, whether at a gallery, a library, or even the internet. What captivated your eye? If it was an abstract, what did those colors, that arrangement, those lines or blocks express to you? Look deeper….it is telling you a story of some sort. Discern what that is – to you.

Creativity is an expression of soul in all of its forms

The creator of that expression may have had an original intent for what they give. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s this: It is through our own personal life experience, that we will process the information before us, word & image; and while certain wisdoms may not change, the overall impact on the soul, will.

And that my friends, is the power of a story.

Tell a story that takes you deeper

Peace and Love and Art


Bringing Mindfulness into Your Creative Practice

Being present to the moments of life can encourage thankfulness, exercise our minds, increase productivity, and even inspire beauty and creativity.

With so much stress being a part of our regular state of being lately, the practice of mindfulness has never been more important. When you think about why we have the concerns we do as of late, it is no wonder depression is on the rise.

Mindfulness reduces anxiety, increases feelings of well being, improves memory, increases self-control, regulates emotions, improves brain function and improves relationships. The benefits of this activity are too many to list here, but know that this is something that anyone can incorporate into their days, and almost a MUST DO for creatives.

5 Ways To Bring Mindfulness Into Your Creative Practice

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply the state of being aware of the present moment. Try this:

1. Take a walk in a park, through the woods, or even down the street before sitting down to work on something creative. Breathe deeply (fresh air in) and notice any scents that may be present. How do they make you feel, or what do they make you think of? (fresh air out) Repeat this deep breathing with each of the 5 senses, paying close attention. Using your senses while you walk can get your brain thinking outside the box and increase inspiration and motivation. Write these reactions down in a journal or even sketch them out….no rules here

2. Do a Brain Dump. Often we are so consumed with ideas, thoughts, reactions, and feelings that we are incapable of fitting anything else in. Sometimes I have so many ideas that come at me all at once that I am frozen in my ability to take any action what-so-ever. Write them all down. Create a list, journal them all in one long no punctuation paragraph, or fill little bubbles with the general idea. This serves to get it all out in front of you so that individual attention can be given to each piece, at the appropriate time. Creating a grocery list is similar in that you don’t want to forget to pick up things you need and a reminder is necessary. *If you’d like to make them pretty, Code them with color in order of importance so you know which to deal with first.

3. Stretch before, during and after your creative time. Pay attention to each part you are stretching. Notice how it feels: tight? pain? does your spine crack or align during the stretch? Loosening up is great for your body and your mind, especially if you will be spending a lot of time in a chair. Most of my studio practice is spent behind a computer or sitting at an easel. I can focus much more if I have gotten all the stiffs and aches out.

4. Get out in the Garden. Gardening is a huge part of my creative practice because I draw and paint flowers & herbs, vegetables & trees, as well as insects & birds. Incorporating plant materials through print making as well as dyeing drying and arranging for my home is other ways I like to get out into Nature. Even if you don’t use the garden in your creative expression, the garden itself can promote feelings of peace & tranquility and is an awesome place to set up a table or bench to engage in whatever it is that you do. I like to create garden rooms that give various spaces to different focuses. For instance a small table surrounded by a hedge and set next to a pond with a trickling waterfall can serve as great setting for a short story, or poem in the making. I’ve even set up easels in the midst of the flowering lettuce to capture the beauty up close and personal

5. Listening to music. This is one of my favorite mindfulness tools while I am creating. I’m particularly found of instrumentals because they don’t clash with the thought processes that occur during creating endeavors, but sometimes I am inspired by other forms of music. A word or phrase, or even a certain melody will conjure images in my mind that become some of my favorite pieces of art. Choose something that inspires you…everyone is different. But try to avoid things that get you really worked up or angry. Peace is the goal here, so that the inner you can come out to play for a while.

I hope this has inspired you to incorporate some mindfulness into your life today.

Till next time!

Peace and love my friends ~lisa

making creativity a daily SOUL-care practice

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say they were in a rut, and couldn’t create because they just weren’t inspired to.

I get it!  That is me in a nutshell. I WANT to be creative…I’d like nothing more than to spend every minute of everyday pouring out my creative heart onto a page, canvas, fabric….whatever is handy and enticing.

Yet I don’t

…and the more days that go by since the last time I was creative….the harder it is to muster up that artful energy.  but this is what I have discovered:


Simply said: if you will simply do it, more will come.

Albeit slowly at first, but with perseverance and tenacity,  all of a sudden a creative force will burst forth with all the glorious sentiment of a long lost love. The joy pulls you deeper and deeper into that passion ignited, and all else will fall away as you engage the center of your creative soul.

I want that!

I’ll bet you do too

Easier said than done you say? Yes. Getting started is the hardest part.  I come up with some amazing excuses. But what I’ve realized is that they are all rooted in fear. Time is all relevant. How does one person do everything you’ve always wanted to do, yet you can’t find even a minute for it?


We all make time for the things we truly want, even if that is sitting and staring out a window. Believe me I get it.  Fear has kept me from doing a myriad of things I know I was born to do. But I’m telling you, it is time to stop letting the enemy of your soul drown you in that fear.  It is time to say NO MORE!

So – How do you stop this pattern of inactivity?

Just begin.

Here are a few ideas:

-Look up an inspirational quote on google – write it in a notebook or journal and surround it with color, doodles or your own words of intention.

-Take an in-person class to learn a new technique. Sometimes you just need a small push to get started, and what better way than to spend time with other creatives. online classes are awesome, but you are still sitting alone in your comfort zone….stuck. Getting out and mingling…seeing what others are creating may be just what you need to get you unstuck. (looking for a good class? Here are a few)

-Pull out that dusty journal and just do something…every day! Even if you only spend 10 minutes drawing, painting, writing, dreaming….those 10 minutes will put you on a path of moving forward. Before you know it, 10 will become 15, 15 will become 20….and you will be well on your way to a vibrant daily creative practice! (need a new journal? Check these out)

-Make it a priority. Only you know you. In my world, if I do not spend the first few hours of my day doing creative things, I won’t do them at all. There will always be other things calling my attention, and responsibilities pulling at my time. Even if I don’t feel like it, or think I have other more important priorities, I spend at least an hour in a creative practice of some sort. It is the only thing moving me forward.

If you don’t find a way, no one will for you.

This has to be something that you do for yourself – and the soul-healing that can come from it could change your whole perspective. I hope that you will take time today – for you- for your soul-health, and begin that journey of creative discovery!

I’d love to hear what you are doing creatively today!  Please leave a comment



the Power of the Journal

The wind is blowing, there is snow on the ground, and all I want to do is hibernate.  Can you relate?

But this, THIS is the time of year to renew, to plan, to endeavor of things only dreamt about, in the busy times of life.

I don’t know about you, but it seems when I have time….I don’t want to do anything.  It is in the crazy busy pieces of life, that ideas flow through my creative brain.  They flow to the point of over-flowing, and there simply isn’t enough time to do them in those moment…in that current slice of life.

That is where my journal comes in….

Carrying a journal around with me allows for the unloading of ideas during the busy, so that when the busy isn’t so much a present piece of life, I can revisit those dreams, those ideas – and realize them.

Soon spring will be warming up the ground and the busyness that comes with it will become my reality.  Last year was such a reactive time in my life.  It seemed like my schedule was not my own, but instead controlled by circumstance and others needs. (I have a whole post about the WONDER of 2018 and choosing your word of intention for the New Year – you can read it here)

While I don’t regret anything that happened last year, I need the new year, this particular space in my life, to be more intentional. Journaling your dreams, ideas, and desires for can help to manifest them by giving them a place in your mind and in your heart.

You don’t have to be an artist, writer, or poet to participate in a truly life changing journaling experience.

Those pages are not for anyone else to see, so partial sentences, incomplete thoughts, fractured pictures all work here.  The idea is to get them jotted down so they can begin to integrate into your reality.

Psychologists say that the things you give the most attention to (good or bad) are what will become your reality.  Wouldn’t you like that reality to be something grand?

Something beautiful

Something intentional

So pull out that dusty journal and jot down a few things you would like to see happen this year. It’s hard to get started when so much time has passed, I get it.

So here are a few ideas of how to begin:

  1. Collage a picture (either a photo or even from a magazine) onto your page.  What does this picture say to you? does it invoke an idea? a place you would like to visit? something you would like to know more about or desire to be? Make it personal….this is about you after all.
  2. Find an Inspiring quote. I particularly like inspiring quotes from famous artists….they just speak to me.  But if you are a foody, maybe try googling “inspiring quotes from famous chefs”, or, “inspiring quotes about gardens” if tending to the flowers is your thing.  Write that quote at the top of your page….or fill the page up with it.  Then write a few sentences about how that quote makes you feel.  Why do you like it?  How would you like it to change you this year?
  3. Free form writing.  Go to a quite place. take 3 or 4 deep breaths and breathe them out fully, releasing anything you are holding on to (like the to-do list). set a timer for 10 minutes….5 if you are feeling particularly empty. Then write….anything!  The idea is to not stop at all.  Write the first thing that comes to mind, then the next, and keep going till the timer goes off.  Don’t edit what you are writing, just write.  It may be jumbled, fractured, illegible….but it will be truly you.  It will be a snapshot of exactly what is hiding in your mind, thoughts, soul.

This practice will get much easier as you make it a routine.  It is a wonderful way to release things that you simply don’t want to think about anymore, to allow for new thoughts, ideas and plans to emerge. Try to journal something every day.  It could be one sentence…or many. That is up to you. But most certainly it will put you in touch with who you are, and allow you to change your focus if that indeed is what you wish for 2019.

Are you the type to make resolutions?  Have you tried choosing a focus word?  I have a post running on A BEAUTIFUL LIFE today that talks about that subject and gives you some ideas about how to choose one that will be both meaningful and life changing. You can read that here.

Do you need a new journal? Visit my ETSY shop for some beautiful places to write your words [lisaellenstudioart]

3 Steps to Creative Holiday Giving


As we all move into this season of Christmas, I can’t help but wonder how our creative spirits are handling the pressure.  This is the time of year when my creativity switches into overdrive, and the ideas begin to flow,  I get that overwhelming need to make something special for everyone I know…not because I think I have to but because I truly want them to have something special from my heart.


…with jobs and house, family gatherings and other seasonal duties, how can we ever manifest those desires into reality without losing ourselves in the process?

Here are 3 Steps to help you along that path….

  1. Start Early –  To be honest….if you are just tackling this dilemma today, it is probably already too late. I’m famous for thinking I have more time than I do, or that projects will take less time than I think they will. Here’s the truth: I don’t, and they don’t. Time is one of those elusive things, especially when I am creating. It seems to sit suspended in air while my mind and heart swirl with creative anticipation. My recommendation here is – don’t do it!  You are going to stress yourself out.  And who needs more stress this time of year? Certainly not me 🙂  But – if you are determined to make this happen, don’t wait. Begin immediately!  Get your mind rolling in that creative direction and……
  2. Choose something you already know – well. The worst thing you can do now is to try to learn a new technique, or create something that is outside of your normal “box”. If you are a bookmaker, don’t  try to carve a pepper grinder on a lathe you’ve never run before (true story – I did this a few years back….boy was I sorry. …and cold) Instead, make a book. It doesn’t have to be what you usually do. Think outside the box….but don’t veer too far from what you already know how to do. Staying within your parameter of knowledge will give you the confidence to finish that project instead of wrapping up an IOU with a bunch of excuses. Pretty paper won’t make that look better 😉        ….Once you’ve chosen….
  3. Make it simple. We all know that within our area of creative expertise, there are many levels of project difficulties. As a bookmaker, I could choose to make a simple travel journal using papers I already have, or I could opt for the large format coptic stitch book with high grade artist papers and a hand painted cover. 

...opt for the former!

If you are making a gift instead of purchasing one, you are already way ahead of the curve. Handmade says “special” right from the beginning…even if it is what you would consider simple. Most people won’t know what kind of time you spent on their gift. If it is handmade, they will assume “lots” no matter what the reality is. So you may as well save yourself some aggravation,  and make it easy.

A Final Note…

Once you have begun, chosen a project, and made it as simple as possible – create in production mode.

One year I decided to give something handmade to each member of my family so that in the event something happened to me, they would always know that I loved them. (it was a really weird emotional year for me:) I started way early, like July or August. Check…. but I thought because I had so much time that I could create something unique for each one of them. I took classes in basket making, learned to hook a primitive rug with wool and tackled a lathe with tools I had never even picked up before.

Yes, I was an insane person by Christmas. I did manage to pull it all off, but only by the grace of God. I worked right up to the last day and made myself absolutely crazy in the process.  When I passed out all of the gifts, I proclaimed that it would be the last handmade gift they would ever receive from me. I got bunches of weird looks, because frankly they know me better than I know myself sometimes.  They smirked and opened..and loved them, but that is definitely the Christmas that everyone will remember that I lost it…heh heh

So….in the spirit of keeping things simple, choose one project only and give everyone the same thing.  You can certainly change different aspects of each one, tailoring them to the recipient through color, pattern and the like, but it is much easier to gather paper in different colors than it is to gather wool, and wood, and tools, and hand-hewn oak reeds…..yes, crazy woman

Have a spirit filled holiday, filled with peace instead of stress, joy instead of aggravation, and thankfulness instead of regret.

Merry Christmas all!  I hope you are making your way through your list smartly, and protecting your peace during this beautiful season of miracles and wonder!

hugs all around! lisa

Dream stories

Do you remember your dreams once you wake?

I don’t. Not often anyway. If I do, I generally sit up and take notice and write them down exactly as they unfolded behind my sleeping eyes, before they dissipate like a foggy mist.

This morning was one of those times. Rings and candles, restaurants, and Keanu Reeves of all people, filled my waking mind. Sometimes dreams aren’t what they seem on the surface. They contain symbols, clues, to other matters of this life. They are a way your spirit can connect to your brain and at a time when you are more likely to be listening.

I’ve asked God to give me dreams – prophetic, guiding…connecting. and when I am open to hearing, they tend to come in rivers.

Have you had such a dream? You know the kind. The one that makes you say to yourself “this means something“.

This weekend, let’s create dream art.

Pull out a canvas, watercolor block, art journal, or even a sketchpad. Begin to draw symbols from your dream. Start the background with colors you remember. Add in drawings or collage pictures from a magazine. Write words that come to mind…or numbers that have appeared. Tell the story of that dream through a piece of art and you may in the process discover something about yourself, or the purpose of it.

Remember: This process is not about the finished product, but more about how it makes you feel, and what it teaches you along the way.

Working like this can really help you to see things you might not otherwise. Give yourself permission to create something less than perfect. Move through the process as though you are still in that dream. Paint, collage and sketch with abandon.

Creating from your dreams can bring you to a new level of engagement, which I think is what my dream is telling me. Engage those creative tendencies…

You just might learn something!

*I would love to see what you are creating through your dreams. Use the tag #dreamstories and let’s connect on Instagram Monday!



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Going Green – a recycling book tutorial

I have been becoming increasingly aware of the things around me, every day things, that we typically view as garbage.

Plastic bags fill my recycling bin, as well as cans, boxes, and paper products like grocery bags. And I feel like there has to be something more we can do to be kinder to the world around us than to simply toss everything into a recycling container.

Don’t get me wrong, recycling is good. Much better than putting it into a garbage bag headed for the landfill. but can we possibly use some of those things for yet another purpose than what was originally intended? Could we lessen the burden of said containers, and our pocketbooks, and create something useful?

Today’s tutorial came from necessityits the mother of invention you know 😉

It is simple, yet functional. This morning while looking for a scrap of paper to write the growing list of grocery needs collecting in my brain, I sifted through a pile of bills, birthday cards, and upcoming event invites…can’t use those! But I was desperate to unload the list before I forgot it.

There on the table was a paper grocery bag from a local market that had the cutest drawings of fruit and vegetables, as well as a really cool “shop local Michigan” stamp.

…and the pocket notepad emerged.


  • 1 paper grocery bag
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • binder clip
  • ribbon


Cut down one side of the bag along the folded seam. Then cut the bottom completely off leaving the rest of the bag flat open.  If there are handles on the bag, you can either simply cut off the handles, or cut the whole top straight off (which is what I did)


Accordion fold the remaining rectangle of paper creasing the folds firmly. Make these sections as large or as small as you like (mine are approximately 4″ wide)  Once you are finished folding, open it back up and cut along those folds, then stack the slices.

20180912_111130Fold the whole stack in half, crease the fold firmly, and place a binder clip on the bottom to keep them from shifting.

20180912_111703Using a whole punch, create 3 holes across the top. The first and third one should be at least 1/2″ from the outer edges, and 1/4″ from the top edge. Center the remaining hole between them.

20180912_112023Starting in the center hole, weave the ribbon in from the front, through to the right hole, across the front to the other side then in that hole. You will finish up by sliding the ribbon from the back to the front through that center hole. It helps if you pull the ribbon that is already there tightly to the side to make way. This may be a bit difficult depending on the size of the hole. A large eye needle might help if your ribbon will fit in it.

When both tails are sticking out the front, one on each side of the ribbon stretching across, tie into a knot or a bow

20180912_112112You are now ready to fill it with all of those pressing grocery items.

These slide easily into pockets, purses, and even wallets if you make them small enough. Going green can be so satisfying to your creative nature, and there will be one less piece of paper in that bin!!

Bonus idea: When the pages are full, spread some gesso on them and start over….or paint some pictures of fruit!  The possibilities are endless. 

So the next time you are asked “paper or plastic”, think of the creative possibilities and….

Go Green!!



Squeaky wheels and being….

Yes, i know, this is supposed to be a post on spirit led worship. It is written…but not ready for reading.

I have squeaky wheels, so many in fact that the noise is becoming deafening.

A bit of grease is needed (elbow grease that is) and then I can continue on with being.

I promise to have the spirit led post up later today.

I hope your day is beautiful, peaceful, but not noiseful!


further thoughts on Spirit longings….

I long for quiet

I long for peace

I long for time to explore what my Spirit wants to convey….

…yet that quiet peace and time evade me.

You too? May I pray for you?

Lord, Grant your peace and creative energy to these today who seek it. You are the creative first and source all that is and is to be. Let it be So!

Here is a soulful song that never fails to bring me to that place of peace and rest and connection to the Spirit. I hope it does the same for you today my creative friends!

It Is Well https://g.co/kgs/xNKf3w