Remembering where you’ve come from

a thousand little pieces of me 

broken & mended, then broken again. a continual repurposing of what I thought would destroy, one piece of my soul at a time, is the very thing that forms the bond around that wound…
gaping and raw – yet filled
and soothed
and made whole – again and again
Is this broken place what makes me HOLY again?


Those broken places are usually what we prefer to forget.

Rarely do we see its value or effect until we have journeyed beyond it…till we are reminded of GRACE, of LIFE, of LOVE that does not fail. 
And in the REMEMBERING of it, another joining stitch bringing together the many fractured pieces of our hearts…tight and secure in body, mind and soul – in the place that was made for you…for me
Within the Broken Heart of God

This week on Creative Vision Journal LIVE, we talk about how each and every piece of our journey, good and not so much, weave together to create a beautiful self portrait of who we. Every weave in the fabric, another piece made beautiful in its mending.

Grab your journals and join me in creating a beautiful portrait of you…

…{see the session here}

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Till next week~


…the journey ahead

Is creativity calling you? Have you experienced that tiny whisper that says…

”yes! Come and see what this art thing is all about.”

There is so much out there on the internet that It’s hard to know where to begin finding the art you want to create.

I remember in the beginning, when I decided to give this ART LIFE a go, hoping on to social media only to spend hours and hours looking at someone else’s creative expression – yet never experiencing my own. It’s so easy to get lost in all of the beautiful ways people use their creative gifts. What I finally had to do was set a limit to that exposure and follow it up with engaging in my own creative acts according to how I was inspired by what I saw.

Eventually those wanderings took less of my time away, and I spent more of those precious moments creating for myself. The healing that took place in my soul was life giving…

My creativity increased

My spiritual focus deepened

I found more joy and satisfaction in my work

and my personal relationships began to thrive

This isn’t to say that I haven’t struggled at times with inspiration, but when those times come, I know exactly what to do to regain creative strength. But this is only because I made the commitment to start a Daily Creative Practice. It’s like muscle memory for the Creative Soul.

Think about how quickly time passes without our even realizing it. When we put things off till later…later most often never comes. The KEY is to choose a time, choose a place, make sure that place is set up with all your favorite supplies, then make that commitment to show up.

Showing up is the hardest part….I know this too well. My self talk sounds like this: “I’ll just do this and get it out of the way so I can focus on the art” but the truth about “this” is there will always be this’s.

Just like spending time in prayer, Creativity is best cultivated as a priority. What that time looks like will be individual to the person. I do my best creating first thing in the morning – after prayer, but before my business day officially begins. If I wait, weariness will take over and the excuses will follow.

Do You Want To Live A Creative Life?

make the commitment and don’t look back

This week on Creative Vision Journal Live, we talk about Embracing the journey ahead….whatever that looks like for you. It’s an imperfect process of trial and error, but it is a beautiful adventure that you will never be sorry you began.

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Gather your Journal and write, paint, sketch whatever your heart is leading you to. It won’t be perfect, but it will be fulfilling and authentic.

Here are the supplies I used: Van Gogh Oil Pastels, 6B Charcoal Pencil, a bit of hockey tape (haha) to keep my page together at the bottom, and a small piece of paper bag. That’s it…easy peasy!

Do you keep a journal? Is it a visual journal or only for writing? Consider adding some small sketches to those heart words you’ve written….once your creative heart catches on, you will be changed for eternity ❤️

Till next week~