Four Fluid Colors to make your page pop!

Daily Creative Prompt ~ October 2: FLUID

Getting back into the groove after a lengthy vacation can be difficult.

Germany was awesome, but I so missed my studio and being able to play with a variety of supplies.  Today’s prompt makes filling the page easy – and beautiful!  I recently watched a tutorial on using yupo paper and the beautiful effects that you can achieve, so this prompt got me cracking those knuckles and doing deep knee bends to warm up for the sprint.

Don’t know what yupo paper is?

That’s okay, I didn’t either. From what I can tell, it is a non-paper – paper. It has a slick glossy surface and does not absorb water (or anything else for that matter). I don’t have any yupo in my stash of papers as of yet, but never fear – youtube showed me another way 😉

glossy photo paper

Who knew? The surface of photo paper is just as non-absorbent as the yupo (I think), so I gave it a whirl.

First I gathered up some fluid acrylics and Daler Rowney acrylic inks (my favorites), all in cool colors except for a bit of nickel azo gold for contrast





Next I spritzed some water about on the photo paper letting it pool a bit in a couple of places. {a few bulldog clips in the right places to hold the paper down will help keep it from curling and creating huge puddles where you don’t want them}

Finally the fun part!  Just squeeze a few drops of one color onto the wet areas of the paper and watch it react. The drops splay and move to wherever the water is. Drop each of the colors, one at a time letting them touch, and even placing one inside the other, and see how they interact – fun! I used all of the blues and greens first, then added a few drops here and there of a contrasting  color for a bit of pop.  I just love how fluid the picture looks.

When you have finished adding all of your colors, leave the paper right where it is to dry.  It could take up to 12 hours, so do this technique in a place that will ensure that it remains undisturbed.

This picture is so beautiful that I can’t imagine doing anything else to it. But alas ~ tomorrow’s prompt will bring about something new.

I hope you enjoy this prompt as much as I did. It was by far the quickest one to date!  Who said being creative takes too much time 😉

Till tomorrow

Happy Creating! ~lisa

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