the Art of Story

If you’ve lived any time at all on this spinning ball of chaos, I guarantee you have a story to tell….maybe two or three

Story is integral to who we are as humans. It is our way of making sense of life and deriving a deeper meaning from it.

There are many ways to tell a story, as individual as there are people on this Earth. However you connect creatively with your surroundings is a perfect place to start.

You don’t need to be an aspiring author, novelist, playwright or actor to endeavor into the story realm. Maybe you simply want to connect deeper with your audience – whoever they may be – coworkers, boss, clients. Maybe you are a blogger or podcast host who desires to connect on a deeper level. Or possibly you are a mom trying to get your point across to an obstinate child.

However you plan to use your story, there are certain things that will strengthen the narrative you have to tell beyond the inevitable need to practice.

Ask yourself these 6 Questions:

  • What is my central message? There needs to be a point to the tale you are spinning. Is it to encourage? Propel? Inform? Collude? Think about what you want to accomplish by saying what you have to say.
  • What drama or conflict can I express to make it more memorable? Using hardships or obstacles strewn throughout the story will engage the listeners mind and heart. Everyone loves a great overcomer story.
  • Am I using a logical progression? Have you ever watched a movie or tv series that flips back and forth from present day to the past and back again? Does it confuse you? It does me. Yes, sometimes back story is necessary, but make sure you are being clear about how you are presenting the thoughts you have to share.
  • Are you pulling from personal experience? Your story doesn’t need to be all about you, but when you use personal experience of the subject matter to tell a story, there is a more authentic ring to it. Make sure you engage your five sense as you are describing an event, place, or happening.
  • Are you capturing your audience’s attention? It’s important to be as expressive as you can. If you are telling this story in person, include eye contact, talk with your hands, and bring them into the story using connection of both a physical & spiritual nature.
  • Are you reading/listening to others stories? Nothing strengthens a storyteller’s imagination than hearing or reading a really great story. Ask yourself what you liked about a certain narrative, book, movie, artwork. Seeing how others are expressing their hearts in a way that engages you, is a perfect way to begin telling the stories you have.

All creative endeavors are story.

Maybe not in the traditional sense of a novel on a bookshelf, but think about the last painting you looked at, whether at a gallery, a library, or even the internet. What captivated your eye? If it was an abstract, what did those colors, that arrangement, those lines or blocks express to you? Look deeper….it is telling you a story of some sort. Discern what that is – to you.

Creativity is an expression of soul in all of its forms

The creator of that expression may have had an original intent for what they give. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s this: It is through our own personal life experience, that we will process the information before us, word & image; and while certain wisdoms may not change, the overall impact on the soul, will.

And that my friends, is the power of a story.

Tell a story that takes you deeper

Peace and Love and Art