are you forgetting to breathe?

Slowing down

is NOT a valued focus of our diy and get it done society

Yet the more we take on, the more stress we feel. And the more stress we have, the less peace we experience. When we lack feelings of peace, stuff begins to fall apart.

I’ve found myself in this place more times than I care to count. Most recenly I have been guiding my facebook group in the Art of Being Grateful. But what happens when you aren’t grateful? You don’t see the bright side of life? Or maybe too much has been setting itself against you, and you just can’t cope?

How do you then find your way back onto the path of peace and gratitude?

It could be that you simply need to breathe

We as humans, on average, take about 17,000 breaths a day…but did you know that most only use the top third of their lungs to do it?

Those shallow breaths do not oxygenate the lungs enough for them to thrive. Yes, they will survive…

but who only wants to survive?

a conscious deep breathing

receiving more oxygen to the body and brain

exhaling just as deeply and purposefully

…these are the things that will help you build lung strength [and who can’t use that right now?]


Do you know if you are breathing properly? To check, simply watch your stomach to see if it rises and falls when you breathe. If not, you are not using your diaphragm to breathe


Using a conscious effort to control how we inhale and exhale will help to create a more regular practice of deep breathing. The longer and more often you practice, the more innate it will become.


Our health, mind, and creativity depend on our ability to have self-control and to be able to implement practices that fill our spirits. Breath work is vital component of that thriving to bring us into the purpose and life we’ve always dreamed of.

“Short Shallow breaths trigger what’s known as fight-or-flight response”

magnolia journal

This not only drains your energy, but also can trigger negative thought patterns that will send you spiraling if left unattended to. Now is the time to take control of those patterns.

Working in your gratitude journal regularly can help

Being grateful takes the focus off of yesterday and tomorrow, and places it where it belongs…in the present.

Tune in Next Monday in our facebook group “Express Yourself! A Creative Soul-Journ” to see how you can work effectively in your journal using not only words, but pictures, color, and affirmations to keep you feeling thankful so that when those difficult times come back around – you will have an effective tool in your weapons arsenal.

If you do not belong to this group, go ahead and join. It’s free!

Peace and Love and Art my friends